Mortal Kombat DLC Options Outed by Creator

Via Twitter, Mortal Kombat creator Ed Boon asked fans which of the following characters they would like to see most in DLC availability:

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yarbie10002836d ago

This games looking sweet

BigKev452836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

Yeah the game is looking sweet. However, can we have all the characters at launch?
None of this new-age DLC crap to milk us gamers. I hate it!

madara0sama2836d ago

Way to milk the series. I'm sick of this gen DLC. At least announce the DLC or MAKE the DLC after the launch. If your gonna add a character why not add it now. Don't fricking say which character do you guys wanna buy after the game is release? Wha? Sickening.

Omegasyde2836d ago

Correct. I blame Capcom....and all the people who bought it.

evrfighter2836d ago

It's funny. You'll find people here at N4G that believe DLC= supporting the game.

I remember back in the day when dev's would support their games by patching years after release and releasing free stuff for their game to try and outdo each other.

xxxAnubisxxx2836d ago

You can only fit so much on a disc. I'd rather pay for extra content than have them cut the game short. I know it's tough for gamers to pay for what they want because we're all so cheap, but seriously, get your $60 out of a game and pay for what you want. Not a tough concept.

Kurt Russell2836d ago

DLC is getting stupid when it's announced before a game is released. I want to buy the entire experience in one go - not have it drip fed through my debit card...

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milohighclub2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

it is looking awesome, i hope all ninja's are in game especially human smoke and noob. would be nice to seee classic rain and ermac!!

@BSAnubis you can fit a shit load on a bluray...

SixZeroFour2836d ago

i believe i saw screens of noob saibot when they were confirming cindel...and we all know scorpion and sub zero will be there, however i believe reptile isnt a human ninja anymore...hes like a deformed mutated human in lizard form

lastly...its not WHAT you can fit on the disk, its how long you have to create that content...if they had the time, im sure they would put it in, but if they are meeting deadlines, then things will be put off for after release, which sucks

slate912836d ago

How about give us what we payed for and include all of the fucking characters?? I can't stand this milking bullshit wow.

xxxAnubisxxx2836d ago

This is only the beginning....

rjgbyrne2836d ago

DLC Character, even MvsC3 are a joke. Both companies are shysters. Thanks Capcom and Midway... I like many others will buy your game from the bargain bin rather than supporting a day one release. Serves you both right for [email protected]#ping on your fan-base/video game consumers. I hope everyone else does the same as they need to know this business 'model' is not working... unless of course the idiots who buy these games at full price are happy for a second round of pillaging, except they are being pillaged. Are there not laws against this? The British have the right idea imposing laws against games that are not working from day 1 purchase. This DLC problem will only get bigger and out of control.

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Sub-Zero852836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

Rain is one character I would love to see in DLC as well as Kenshi !!

peowpeow2836d ago

Wouldn't you like to see it in the game already!? :/

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