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MarioWarfare2837d ago

Black ops is number 1 obviously but Just Dance 2 sold more than World of warcraft?? Damn..

Kran2837d ago

Just Dance 2... 5 million.

WoW. Over 3 million.

Surprising, I know o.O

ChristianGamer2837d ago

Wow kinect topped the accessories chart twice in a row now. Yearly software numbers see Reach at number 3, highest exclusive on the list. Impressive

FailOverHero2837d ago

Hold on, did Epic Mickey just sell more than GT5 in December? Wasn the reason GT5 wasn big in Novembers' numbers because it released late? Well what is the excuse this time? I know GT is not strongest in US, but they did buy over 5 million of GT3 back in the ps2 heyday and so to be beaten by epic mickey is a bit of a laugh now aint it?

jetlian2837d ago

GT3 was a packin game with ps2.

INC NATE21312837d ago

W.O.W just needs to die lol

Dark3602837d ago

Where is Gran Turismo 5?

INC NATE21312837d ago

Yeah im not going to lie that shocked the shit out of me, I wasnt expecting it to be 1st cuz of black ops but 2nd or 3rd for sure. but i guess not.

RememberThe3572837d ago

Yeah, I think GT3 has been the only game in the series to really capture the Americas. I bought it and love it, but I don't think most American gamers want that much of a challenge.

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BLACKBOIJONES2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

I was gonna say the same thing..Seems like the people who wanted it have bought it so sales will b low now. It has sold over 5million copies so im sure sony is happy with the sales to date.

@Saga Kin (above me) lol its really hurting u today, i just saw u on the 360 topic trolling and trying to twist the facts :p

theIMP2837d ago

I know right? He has got to be the most pathetic troll I have ever seen.

siyrobbo2837d ago

shipped over 5, bit of a difference

Muitnorts2837d ago

Not really. Those shipped because they were sold to retailers, who buy based on demand. It doesn't matter all that much that not all of those copies have been sold yet to customers.
Sony doesn't need to chase up retailers to know exactly what's been sold. Almost all figures are shipped.

the_manson_charles2837d ago

Surprised at Donkey Kong Country Returns being so high.

No GT5. oh well...

OllieBoy2837d ago

America don't buy racers anymore. It's WAY more popular in Europe.

kramun2837d ago

Why is Need for Speed at no 10 if they don't buy racers?

sleepy32836d ago

DAMMIT Kramun.....Quit poking holes in theories that are flawed already!!

Cyrax_872837d ago

It's selling extremely well in the rest of the world but I'm sure you already know this Dark360.

Loner2837d ago

I noticed that as well

MarioWarfare2837d ago

I wasn't surprised to se GT5 didn't make the list, North America to Sony is like Japan to Microsoft

karl2837d ago

not really... SONY sells in the US while MS just waste money on JAPAN..

yeah just like americans Waste money on XBOX...

SuperLupe2837d ago

I think Sony made a mistake by counting on GT5 as a "festive season" blockbuster. Its not big enough in the USA to support the the PS3 brand through the festive season. It gave MS a highway for the 360.

Next time they should do a combo like GT5 + LBP for instance. Not just a racer alone. Thats like asking to be stomped in the Xmas season which is the most important season of the year.

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BLACKBOIJONES2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

This just shows u no matter how many articles comes dissing cod people dont care.Hate it or luv it call of duty is here to stay for ever and b excepting another call of duty this year and expect it to sell like crack in the 80's.

awesomeperson2837d ago

Not forever, oh god no please not forever.

I think that in a few games times, more people will realize how the quality of the game is degrading rapidly. Hopefully by that time another franchise will also knock it off its perch, COD sucks.

Xbox360PS3AndPC2837d ago

Wow, CoD MW2 Is Still Selling

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