Sony Going For the Core with Motion Games

Sony and Microsoft both made big plays for gamer families over the holidays with their respective devices for controlling games with body motions, the PlayStation Move and Xbox 360 Kinect. Sony thinks it now has an edge on Microsoft as it goes after diehard gamers with its motion device.

In an interview, John Koller, director of hardware marketing at Sony’s US games division, says Sony is “layering on more and more core titles” in the coming months, referring to games aimed at “hardcore” players who are the most avid purchasers and players of games. Those players tend to favor more immersive games, often shooters and other titles with especially intense, realistic action.

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Blacktric2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

"One example: Sony in April plans to release an installment of a popular combat game – SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALS – that exploits PlayStation Move to give players a more intuitive way of locking a gun onto a target than the traditional method of moving a gun sight with a joystick."

Hopefully it won't get delayed. Can't wait to play it.

Best2833d ago

Who cares about Socom when we have COD?

Bits-N-Kibbles2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

If you ever owned a PS2 and played online, you would know the SOCOM series is one of the most successful and followed games of the generation. It still has many followers who consider themselves more skilled in many aspects of the game, not just point and shoot like COD. Tactics is huge in SOCOM. Hopefully they don't disappoint like they did with Confrontation (Slant 6).

PS. Can't wait to play Abandoned again.

Cartesian3D2833d ago

professional team players care too. cause of strategy and teamwork

Retro_Zombie2833d ago


COD is cool but I'm craving something different. A fun competitive TPS sounds good to me.

Day 1 purchase.

Motorola2833d ago

@Best LMAO, you serious? Its because its Socom right? Why u gotta hate? Bet you havent played any of them. So stoked for this!!

socomnick2833d ago

Best is pretty right with his comment.

Socom is just a bad franchise.

Why have a toyota corolla when you can have a Lamborghini.

BattleAxe2833d ago

@ Socomnick,

Why be smart, when in your case you can be stupid....

JAMurida2833d ago


I would that comment from someone who has obviously never played a SOCOM title before and whose first gaming console was a 360/PS3. It's okay though, we understand why someone would say something ignorant like that.

On Topic: Can't wait for the MP reveal they do which will decide A LOT of things for the originals waiting for this game.


badz1492833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

the only agree for best was from socomnick and the only 1 for socomnick was from best! great teamwork guys!

on topic, I can't wait for this!

Ascalon942832d ago

you are fucking joking right?

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doa7662833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

motorstorm 3 was announced today for april 12th, so this is very unlikely to release on the same month

most likely it will be released in may

BattleAxe2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

I'm not confident that Socom4 will cater to the Socom2 crowd. Its no longer "Navy Seals", its "International Special Forces" and its "over the Shoulder view" instead of the "classic 3rd person view" and also its got a cover system this time.

I think its safe to say that this socom will have a completely new fanbase, and it won't be as hardcore as previous Socom games. I hate it when developers change the formula from what made that game series popular in the first place.

SoapShoes2833d ago

Hey, who says old school Socom fans won't like it? In the case of the view, I'm sure you can change it to both over the shoulder and classic like in Confrontation. Plus you always used cover in Socom(by hiding behind an object and leaning out to shoot), now it's much more refined.

Besides leaving it exactly as it was is not a good decision imo. The old formula was designed in 2002 and it is dated. On paper it LOOKS like an Uncharted styled game but I'm fairly certain it still plays like SOCOM.

NegativeCreepWA2833d ago

I agree, if you look at the new Socom and Ghost Recon neither are going to be the same games they used to be. I think fans of the originals are going to be disappointed.

Ashby_JC2833d ago

I slight alteration in the camera angle wont dissapoint me. As lng as they have the same type of teamwork based MP Im all good.

And NO RESPAWN matches!!!!

Thats one thing that lowers ppl running around like respawn. Matches coming down to 1 on 3 or 2 on 5 etc...loved Socom back in the day.

One of my favorite maps was SUJO. And the other one that had the Mountain in the middle...Enoipa or something like that.

crzyjackbauer2833d ago

all they've shown is single player
who gives a @#[email protected] about single player in socom?
and from the looks of it, its not socom
its COD in 3rd person
air strikes and health regeneration?
thats not SOCOM

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Omega Archetype2833d ago

Aww yeah! I've been waiting for the date. Hope it's good! Even though I liked Confrontation, and it was my first SOCOM game, I know it could have been significantly better then what /6 pulled out.

Bits-N-Kibbles2833d ago

I'm excited for you. The community is really what makes a good SOCOM game. And for a good community the game needs to be better than Confrontation.


I'll wait for to be confirmed by Sony and Zipper themselves.

DrRichtofen2833d ago

Whoop! still need to pick up my nav controller for this

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