Episodics Are the Future of Gaming

A few hours into Alan Wake, Remedy Entertainment's amusing, long-in-development spin on Stephen King horror yarns, Bitmob realized what the developer did wrong. They wasted five years making one product. Alan Wake should've been released as a series of downloadable episodic games.

It's hardly a stretch. Wake presents levels as serialized television episodes, opening with a story recap and ending on a cliffhanger. Y'know, to make sure you tune in next week.

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Loner2833d ago

Alan Wake got hit hard by piracy.I feel bad for Remedy

MintBerryCrunch2833d ago

SP only games on the 360 have it much tougher than other platforms

Kran2833d ago

Again with the 5 year development excuse. Ill say it again. Play something else while you wait people!

Convas2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

ABSOLUTELY NOT! No. It'll be a cold day in hell when going episodic saves a game from Piracy. The problem is the greedy assholes out there who want everything for free. They'll ruin the industry with their stupidity.

Also, it actually took 3 years of floundering around on the Alan Wake open world concept, before MS stepped in and decided to make the game a Core exclusive. Technically, most of the focused development of Alan Wake took place between the latter half 2007 and 2010.

But no, I think Alan Wake 2 will need some sort of Co-Op, but they DO NOT need to split the game up into pieces. It's utterly RIDICULOUS to assume that that will save AW2 from piracy.

Another important detail to keep in mind is that Remedy wanted the Episodes together. They said Alan Wake was "Season One" of the AW story. When you buy a Season of a show, you expect to get the all the episodes of that season, don't you?

@Loner: Dude, EVERYBODY is now being affected by piracy. Nobody is safe any more, especially with the PS3 being hacked.