NBA 2K11 Gets Free Stereoscopic 3D Update on January 16th

PlayStation Blog: "NBA 2K11 has garnered more than two dozen Sports Game of the Year awards, has been called “the greatest sports game of this generation” in earning a 9.5 from IGN, and continues to be one of the most talked about games across social networks. And the nostalgia behind the return of Michael Jordan to the virtual hardwood continues to be overwhelming. For the few of you who have been holding out for a copy or have put your NBA 2K11 on the shelf for a couple weeks, I just wanted to give you heads-up about the upcoming game update. Especially anyone who was lucky enough to pick up a stereoscopic 3D TV over the holidays."

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Zashule2838d ago

I'm impressed. Not everyday you get to have a Q/A in comments with a staff member. PSBlog is stepping up!

ImmortalLegend2838d ago

Let me say that first off NBA 2K11's offline gameplay is excellent for the most part. As far as online goes it has been an absolute nightmare. Crew games don't work, pick up games take forever to get in sometimes, My Player freezing...My PF my player can't even get into pick up games anymore without freezing, and when you get in a match they are often laggy as hell and damn near unplayable. 2KSports just can't seem to get the online right. The online has been a problem since 2K9. I guess they figure that if they slap Jordan on the cover they can just forget about the ongoing online issues. I spent $50 on this game, but I feel it's only worth $20.

Darth Stewie2837d ago

3D sucks for this game I played it at best buy. You can tell this game was not originally made for 3D