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Ever since president of Mistwalker Studios and all round Mr. JRPG, Hironobu Sakaguchi announced that he was working on a brand new game entitled The Last Story, we – and millions of role-playing fans worldwide – went giddy with excitement. And now (we can barely muster the heart to type this) news is trickling through that the UK will not be getting The Last Story.

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CherryLu-Chan2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

Day 1 purchase for me.

The gentleman behind some of my favourite games ever within Final Fantasy goodness and the utterly underrated Lost Odyssey.

I'm hoping this is purely Mistalker/Nintendo stirring up the fanbase, perhaps getting a few people who haven't been looking at the game to have a gawp.

Senden2930d ago

All fool nintendo, I was planning on buying a wii for this game but it's decisions like this which make me glad I don't support them as a company. They'd be rushing their asses off to release the next crappy family title but when a true gem of a game comes out they don't even localize it? Well nintendo, you can cram your console and your games up Mario's big fat ass.