Activision Names Beenox as Lead Spider-Man Dev for Future Titles writes: "Activision has announced that Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions developer, Beenox, is now their lead developer for all upcoming Spider-Man games. Shattered Dimensions was a great success for Activision, getting good marks from most reviewers. As for what is next in Activision's Spider-Man stable? The company..."

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IPUMPMYGUN2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

I trust nothing from Activision. Activision is not what it used to be. Only Canadian company I would like to take over for Spider-Man is Ubisoft Montreal.

Quagmire2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

I find it sad how companies like Beenox, Radical and Raven are getting shafted by consumers only because their games are published by Activision. Yes, I despise AV with all my might, but those devs make decent games, and deserve the money, at the risk of giving some of that money straight to BK.

Look what happened to Bizzare. They made decent games, yet because of their low sales for Bond and Blur due to the hate towards activision, they went under.

NewMonday2833d ago

They must make the next game open world like the previous games that was my only problem with SD, but a major problem.

PirateThom2833d ago

Nature of the beast, if these companies are published by Activision, they're collatoral damage. Simple as.

If it says Activision on the box, it's instantly a no buy.

Spitfire_Riggz2833d ago

Im happy for Beenox I thought they did a good job with Shattered Dimensions and hope the best for them! Hopefully a spiderman game on par with Batmans newer games.

Tr10wn2833d ago

@Quagmire thats no excuse, Blur failed because it was a bad game, they tried to copy mario kart and well they failed, they should have stay in PGR series, and from people despising Activition thats BS people hates but they still buy their games no matter what, thats has been proven already with the COD franchise over and over again after all they are gamers and the only thing they want is games good games.

Baka-akaB2833d ago

quagmire they shouldnt be realising "just decent" games with the license they use , or the back up of an entitty like activision .

If the games from any of those you mentioned were actually awesome , haters would look past those .

And it's a shallow excuse anyway ... activision haters represent nothing on the sales market .

If those games fail to sell , it's just because they were supposed to

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Cajun Chicken2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

Prototype is a great original IP from Radical and Singularity was a great FPS.

Activision does publish some good games. When they LEAVE the developer to it.

Plus. I SERIOUSLY hope they do something decent with Crash and Spyro soon and not just a rubbish reboot. Come on, I can sense episodic digital download content with old school gameplay, especially with Crash.

Cajun Chicken2834d ago

I'm kind of happy with that, I like the new stuff that Radical are doing with Prototype.

Soldierone2834d ago

Good. Spiderman was like the only good title from Activision last year. Hopefully they can imrpove the visuals though.

Mcardle2833d ago

Shattered Dimension was a'right, Decent enough to justify another crack at the IP.

Anderson82833d ago

all spiderman games have been downhill since the second movie game... i expect future entries to follow suit

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