The Darkness: 5 new images

Starbreeze releases five more screens of their next FPS, and to tell the least, it still rocks.

Simply click the link below to view all the screenies...

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Loudninja5026d ago

It makes you looks foolish. This is like the 5 time you did this. The game sis for The PS3 also.

kingboy5026d ago

yea , that`s just stupid and childish.i`v taken note of his frequent bias post

Evil5025d ago

Voting lame on everything to do with the 360 is CHILDISH

xboxlj5025d ago

Yeah kingboy, why do you vote lame on every 360 article. You must live in Japan or something. Hatin on American owned companies.

TheMART5026d ago

Listen whining Sony fanboys. I get this news from an xbox website where it's not stated PSZero. So we can all read from your whining posts it will probably for the PSZero also. Enjoy it when the hardware ever arrives. At least I post something Loudninja, it would be nice to see that you and others would do it also

Loudninja5026d ago

If the game is one toher systems it does not matter at all.

jesstray5026d ago (Edited 5026d ago )

Why are you whining over it. Just be happy he posted the story. So what if it is also for PS3. Does his story change that fact? Also the screenshots are for the 360. If you look at IGN the 360 screnshots for Fear look much better than the PS3. So there may be a difference.