2011: The Year of the PlayStation 3

The slow progression of the PlayStation 3 has done little to diminish its quality games library; 2011 looks set to offer an array of exclusives unmatched on any other major gaming platform. While the likes of Microsoft focus on Kinect, and with Nintendo turning its attention to 3DS and its Q1 2011 release, Sony is turning its attention to original IP’s and sequels to PS3-exclusive titles. The illusive exclusive could be considered a core ideal for any successful console, despite the current climate pacing towards accessibility in the wake the Wii and mobile gaming’s success.

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Darkfiber2836d ago

Pretty sure they've been saying that the last 3 years...

IMO it's the year the PC makes a huge comeback.

BLACKBOIJONES2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

Oh pls give it a rest with this year of the ps3 bull shit. Who even approved this article...The mods on this sites r asleep :|