Capcom Hoping to 'Rebuild Trust' Among Fans After MaXPlosion Controversy

Earlier this week, independent developer Twisted Pixel accused Capcom of stealing its game idea for MaXPlosion from the Xbox Live Arcade platformer Splosion Man. Twisted Pixel CEO Michael Wilford said the similarities are "nauseating" but that his small studio would not pursue legal action. Today, Capcom has responded, noting that it's "saddened" by the whole affair.

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Wenis2887d ago

Yea... they're sad they got caught

donniebaseball2887d ago

Capcom even met with Twisted Pixel and then they go and do MaXplosion. Shame the way they handled it.

Dylantalon12887d ago

fcvk capcom , they are rubbish . they remind me of rare. they also remind me of rectangle enix who were once amazing developers with exclusives on playstation platform but went down hill when they decided to make once sony exclusive games multiplatform.

rectangle enix can redeem themselves with exclusive ff vs 13 and capcom can redeem themselves with a few exclusives on the ps3 like onimusha and a big resident evil game but i dont see capcom doing that.

the reasons i want a lot of exclusive games for the ps3 is because the ps3 is the most powerful console and exclusive games have the potential to shine brighter than other games in whatever genre. onimusha was amazing on ps2 and the pretty graphics helped it out a lot. final fantasy on the past playstation series were good on the ps3 but the visuals helped it out a lot. imagine if heavy rain was multiplatform or didnt have amazing visuals, it would most likely have failed because people wouldn't have notice it much.

Deathstroke2887d ago

Not gonna happen. Crapcom has fucked a lot more than once this gen and they don't try to do anything about their other mistakes. I've stopped buying games from them for a while now. I don't even remember the last time I played a Crapcom game.

pixelsword2887d ago


Capcom takes their idea, and hence their money, it's shameful;

when hackers take it from the 360, and hence their money, the hackers are heroes?