G4TV: Dead Space 2 New Necromorph Video Guide

"We spoke to the game's developers to get you a ton of details on the new game's monsters. Check them out in the video below, the ultimate creature guide to Dead Space 2."

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TANUKI2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

I''m wondering if that "mini-boss" creature is going to return. The one that you can't normally kill... until a certain point in the game.

Shuklar2835d ago

Those are the scariest moments, knowing no matter how much you throw at it, it's not going down. That and those super fast guys. Thank puppies for stasis!

TANUKI2835d ago

lol, the hoarder I am, I'm busy collecting all the loot in the room, while that BEAST and the other minions are out trying to kill me! XD