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"It's been about five years since World of Warcraft ascended to the throne. They faced early competition from the likes of Lineage 2, Guild Wars, and Everquest 2, but nothing could stop Blizzard's behemoth. Nowadays, there are many who say that there's only room for one subscription-based MMO on the market. They may be right. Other games have found success by exploring alternative payment models (such as Turbine's new item mall), but every other game that has tried to go toe to toe with World of Warcraft has failed. The list is getting longer all the time. All Points Bulletin, Warhammer: Age of Reckoning, Star Trek Online, Champions Online, Everquest 2, Aion, and the list goes on."

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Darkfiber2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

Wow this is really poorly written. "Its popularity also spans multiple age groups as well." Lulz. Also, there are plenty of successful subscription-based MMOs out there. Not every game needs WoW numbers to turn a profit... Also, I thought this was a preview, not what some dude on the internet thinks the MMO industry is like and what they think this game will do in the industry.