PS3 Following 360's Advertising Approach with LittleBigPlanet 2

"Media Molecule's latest project, LittleBigPlanet 2 is nearing its launch date of January 18th and the hype for Sackboy's latest appearance has never been so elevated. As a part of the press, Nick received his copy of Sony's upcoming exclusive this past Monday and one thing jumped out at him before he even began Sackboy's latest adventure."

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Nick2120043813d ago

So with Sony integrating what seems to be a "What's New" section for LittleBigPlanet 2, what do you guys think of Sony possibly integrating this into the upcoming PS3 titles?

killajd3813d ago

On the subject of whats new, what corresponds to that option? Is it all about whats new with the ps3 or with the game?!

Nick2120043813d ago

Right now its whats new on the PS3, but I would not be surprised to see advertisements for cars and such soon on our games.

killajd3813d ago

I was hoping it would show u what was new in LBP2 cause that would help the game alot since that game is going to be overflowing with new stuff all the time!!!

solideagle13813d ago

i dont see any advertising in London its one of the biggest and busiest city in the world and i have not seen a single LBP 2 ad. may be the ads are invisible hmmm
Sony should atleast advertise their big guns ;)


Dark_king3813d ago

@killajd you can search for recent levels.Not to mention

Nick2120043813d ago

You know what? I have an e-mail going out right now to the right people. That would be SICK!

WhittO3813d ago

I wouldn't exactly say this is the XMB filled with advertisements like the site makes out, it's just an extra icon which shows a "whats New for that game" section that shows up when you put the game in, that disappears when you take the game out.

TheLastGuardian3813d ago

I wouldn't mind advertisements for upcoming PS3 games but I don't want to see any car ads or anything.

edgeofblade3813d ago

This is 2011. We don't pay people to take advertisements away. That's how websites in the 90's tried to make money... poorly.

These days we recognize... some of us at least... that revenue for the big evil corporation means we get more of the games we like in return. Someone at Mazda thought it was worth it to spend $100,000 to put that super brief Mazda blurb on the 360 dashboard. I'm thinking Mazda is the loser in that deal... because most of us just ignore it.

We could talk about Sony's Qore feature, an overpriced advertisement... with advertisements. It only makes sense now as part of the PAID PSN Plus service, which if you like old PS1 games is a pretty sweet deal. More intriguing still is that 360 offers the equivalent video magazine Inside Xbox channel, free for silver members.

If ads bother you, do what we do normally. Ignore them. Or are you so OCD you have to eat at every restaurant, click every internet banner, and test drive every car you see an ad for.

Kurt Russell3813d ago

The whats new has gone a bit far on the xbox. It used to be a little window on the dashboard, now it is the front page in my face (about 6 times over)before I have to scroll around the menus to find the "play my fucking game" button.

rockleex3813d ago

This is not advertisements.

This is extras that come with the disc. Many games on the PS3 have done this in order to promote their upcoming games, events, etc.

Pointless article.

Advertisements are more like in PS Home.

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r1sh123813d ago

to be fair they really should..
I mean sony should learn of MS marketing in the western world.
MS rigorously market, I mean kinect has sold very well, partly due to marketing.

zootang3813d ago

It's all about percentages.

SixZeroFour3813d ago

yup...say what they will about microsoft, but one thing they cant deny is that they know how to market and advertise and thats one thing that makes a game successful

edgeofblade3812d ago

Long story short, Sony is realizing they can't afford to arrogantly ignore and revenue streams.

BrianC62343813d ago

If it's just videos of other PS3 games this isn't new. Ive already noticed this on other Sony games in the past. I think they usually show up under the video section of the XMB.

Christopher3813d ago

As long as I don't have to click it or sit through ads, I really don't care if they add new ways for people to see advertisements otherwise.

P1NKY3813d ago

This isnt the same as Xbox. You actually have to put the game in then select the "Extras" before you can see whats there. On Xbox you are greeted by Advertisements as soon as you boot up the console (If you are signed into Xbox LIVE) even if there isnt a game in the console. I don't see how this "Extras" option is anything like XBL?

the_1080p_guy3813d ago

I'm pretty sure God of war collection had it too.psp umd games always comes with other game demos (if its a first party title).

When the psp launched (Sep,2005),i bought a game called Fired Up,it had Wipeout and MediEvil demo on it.It was even before the 360 came out.It was my first umd,so i recall it perfectly,got it for cheap too.

This topic (having extra contents on Lbp2 disc) was already posted on N4G.

maybe you should focus on the review instead of bringing console flame wars or psn vs xbl comparison fiasco...we have enuf of that already

KiLLUMiNATi_893813d ago

Hahha it's funny because I thought Sony never advertise there products. They do just like ms there's no difference they both here to sell products and make money.

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ubiquitious3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

No surprise.

Keep following the leader, SONY.

MaximusPrime3813d ago

Yep the leader is truly Sony. Thanks for your support

TheLastGuardian3813d ago

I don't understand why anyone would want to be a 360 fanboy. What is there to be loyal for? The 360 has no games. PS3 has more games than you can afford. M$ abandoned the hardcore once they got a motion control device. Sony got a motion controller and they support core and casual gamers more than ever. Sony FTW!

TheLastGuardian3813d ago

What's up with all the disagrees? I thought this site was full of PS3 lovers.

Threesix3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

As long as it's not something that I can choose to see or not, it won't be a big deal.


I don't understand why someone would want to be a fanboy in general making annoying, assumptive claims that are either wrong or have absolutely no proof or back up material. Oh hey look at your comment and the comment you're responding to. But I have to just go over a few things with you.

"360 has no games."

2011 is the year of the multiplatform game for the 360 owner. If you look closely you'll see, things like Dead Space 2, Deus Ex, Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, Dragon Age 2, Portal 2, TES 5...all games you can play on the 360. So clearly the 360 does have games this year as well as a huge catalog of previously released games. Why yes, there are in fact hundreds to choose from.

"M$ abandoned the hardcore once they got a motion control device."

That dollar sign shows some original humor right there. I does $ony or P$3 strike you? It's not like Sony isn't in this for the money any less than Microsoft is. But I digress. Microsoft has already said they're starting off casual and moving to hardcore. Personally, I'm not interested in Kinect or PS Move, but do some actual research before you start making stuff up. -

Those disagrees are the result of you assuming that any Xbox bashing comment will get automatic thumbs up as if it actually mattered. And then you go and confirm yourself to be a fanboy. So thank you for that laugh.

Oh and I own and play both an Xbox 360 and PS3.

edgeofblade3812d ago

"I thought this site was full of PS3 lovers"

So all you can do is preach to a choir?

As it pertains to motion, I'd prefer my motion peripherals stay out of my core games. I know, crazy, right? But I've played enough Wii games to know I'd rather just have a competent controller in the first place.

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Azmacna3813d ago

Ubiquitous, you are everywhere but in the right place. this thread is for LBP2 fans, which is on the PS3. i think you're seeking 360 articles

zootang3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

I guess he's got no games to play or even talk about.

OllieBoy3813d ago

This kind of delusion is scary. I fear you might be dangerous.

Azmacna3813d ago

i really don't understand it. i don't understand it when PS3 owners do it either.

MysticStrummer3813d ago

@ubiquitious - Nintendo? No Sony... please don't follow the leader.

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Joni-Ice3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

I for 1 Love the idea. It sounds like Sony is not forcing the issue but giving people the option. Now are you saying these are LBP wiget theme? If so I will use them.

@ ubipuitious....its sounds like Sony is giving the option and not forcing it down your throat like the so called leader you speak of.

Nick2120043813d ago

By advertisement widgets, I mean how the ads are displayed.

killajd3813d ago

I love the idea of having a,"Whats New" with LBP2 because in that game almost every second theirs going to be something new!

killajd3813d ago

Seems like this is for PS3 only in game which I dont like personally

Joni-Ice3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

The fact to the matter is this.....Advertising is here to stay rather you like it or not. It help the cost of games, hardware, firmware, you name it. One example is...The price to make a game is very expensive and we are talking big budget, quality games. Advertising is a way to help with cost. Microsoft advertise the Shyt out of Halo and look how much it gained. I think its great when you find unique ways to advertise besides putting ads everywhere like the leader ubiDICKious speaks of. Sony is on the right track.

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