Where Have All The Horror Games Gone?

Koku writes: "A while ago I wrote an article, one of my very first for this site, in which I claimed that video games offered the future of horror.

However, perhaps I should have qualified that statement. Video games can offer the future of horror, but only if developers are brave and intelligent enough to embrace atmosphere, mood and pacing, and accept that there is still a major audience out there for titles which don’t place a premium on combat."

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aedwards892887d ago

seriously where are all the good ones?

Darkstorn2887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )

Amnesia was good, and I recently replayed Call of Cthulhu:DCotE this year. Looking forward to Dead Space 2 (even if it isn't true horror-it's the closest we can get on console). The horror genre may not be on top of its game, but it still exists.

cochise3132887d ago

We have Alan Wake. That game was pretty damn good.

user8586212887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )

alan wake is more of a psychological thriller

cochise3132887d ago

Well, i think that's the closest well get to horror this generation. The horror genre has definitely went under the radar.

Bloodraid2887d ago

I'd say the closest we've gotten to true horror this generation (speaking strictly of consoles) would be Siren: Blood Curse, and Fatal Frame 4.

cochise3132887d ago

Oh man, how did i forget about Siren? I need to buy that for psn, the demo for it scared the sh!t out of me. They made a fatal frame 4? I didn't know that.

Bloodraid2887d ago

Yeah, they did. Unfortunately; Nintendo bought it up and decided they'd not release it outside of Japan, so it's only available in Japanese on the Wii.

Army_of_Darkness2887d ago

scared all the other potential horror games away.

Dragon_Hiko2887d ago

But what IS a good horror concept in this day and age? As far as I'm concerned the generic 'horror' genre is dead. I haven't seen a movie in years that was scary that was pure 'horror', because all horror seems to be anymore is as much blood and guts as possible, with people making stupid decisions and screaming a lot. Psychological thrillers with a touch of horror is where it's at. You have to add the thriller aspect into the mix, or it's just stale and boring and been done to death already.

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badz1492887d ago

most of them went to the SHOOTER realm I think!

Valay2887d ago

Usually I just play Resident Evil for my horror game fix.

GamingForever2887d ago

I always wondered what happened to the horror games..

OrigamiDriller2887d ago

It was a little derivative at times, but I thought Alan Wake was one of the best games of 2010. That being said, I'm eager for more horror games. I have high hopes for Atlus's Catherine.

cain1412887d ago

Fear 3 and Dead Space 2 come out very soon....

Bloodraid2887d ago

Those aren't even horror games...

Fear 3: FPS with shit that jumps out at you.
Dead Space 2: TPS With shit that jumps out at you.

Games where the objective is to kill every enemy in sight are not horror games... The main objective in most true horror games is to survive, hence the term 'survival horror'.

The only true survival horror games this generation seem to be Fatal Frame 4, Siren: Blood Curse, The Calling, Amnesia, and maybe a few more.

Hell, even Resident Evil games are no longer considered horror... It's depressing, really.

CrescentFang2887d ago

Hey you seem to know a lot about Fatal Frame (Zero), do you know what the new one for the Wii is called? Thanks :)

OpenGL2887d ago

I actually liked Siren a lot, and felt like it was a refreshing return to the survival horror games of past generations. I hope they do a sequel to it but because the game was only released on PSN in the U.S. it did not sell very well. It didn't help that all 12 episodes took up 9070MB of hard drive space as well.

stragomccloud2887d ago


I'm not sure, but the new one for Wii appears to be a remake of Fatal Frame 2.

heylo2887d ago

Dead Space 1 is absolutely survival horror
just like Condemned
FEAR 1 was also fine

RedDead2887d ago

Not really, all you have to do is pick your shots in Dead Space. Action game with jumpy moments, not horror. Jumpy crap gets old too.

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