Top 10 games to play when you’re depressed "We all have tough days, tough weeks and even tough years. At our lowest points we need to find a way to get through the day and so we look at the hobby that normally just entertains us and we ask that hobby to also make us feel better about ourselves."

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Kran3019d ago

Before I read the article, I just kinda knew Super Mario Galaxy would be there. Seriously, Mario would just make me even more depressed. Wanna know why? It's the people in my college who make Mario sounds that get me depressed as they annoy the s**t out of me.

SMOK3xFFx3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

lol @ the site banner.

When I'm depressed I like to play UNO or old classics for the awesome nostalgic kick.

Hellsvacancy3019d ago

Populous The beginning and The Warriors always make me feel better when im down

SquareEnixFan3019d ago

These are all good suggestions except ICO is so boring it makes me depressed.

Urmomlol3019d ago

Mass Effect 2? A video game where everyone dies at the end?

Oh yeah, that's not depressing or anything.