PS3 hackers abroad may be liable

Several days ago, geohot was served papers and had his jailbreaking site shut down. Other members of fail0verflow may also be held liable despite residing in other countries. It would not be without legal precedent. Sony is a giant global corporation and gamers should not underestimate the long arm of the law.

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NewMonday2833d ago

Everyone was charge buy Sony specifically, GeoH is the main target, the others have to show up to defend themselves. If they don’t, they will pay the price of his release of the key, which they objected to.

MintBerryCrunch2833d ago

this suit has been brought up by SCEA...if SCEA thinks that it can go after hackers through US Law, then good luck to them...unless Sony as a whole goes after all of these hackers, then they will have to abide by the laws in which these hackers live

look at the pirate bay...many companies continue to throw US law at a site that originates in Sweden, so it makes US law null and void

imo, that would take too much money and effort to go after all of these guys...

ComboBreaker2833d ago

nothing to the amount of money Geo and these peoples have to pay back to Sony, for the rest of their lives, after Sony own them in court.

Baka-akaB2832d ago


I dont think sony expect to truly win this one in usa (or even elsewhere) .

It's about instilling fear and draining savings . A common tactic with corps , the riaa etc .

And if they actually win a suit , even better for them

Ducky2832d ago


... but that's a double-edged sword.
It'll only instill fear if Sony gets a ruling in their favour.
Otherwise, it's just more confidence for the hackers.

Only show your might if you're sure that it'll be the last thing your opponent ever sees. Otherwise, you might rush in too quickly and end up like the US-military in it's current predicament.

dragonelite2832d ago


Just like the iphone jailbreak right.
The Custom firmware as far as Geohot said has built in support for pirate games what it does is give people the chance to make software that can run pirated games. If you got a technical versed layer then he will win this is such a grey area.

I mean didn't sony fought against the Tv series industry for consumer right to use a VCR they are kinda hypocrites if you ask me.

ApexHell2832d ago


they face no monetary losses, they are to only restrain from continuing illegal activity.

page 29 lines 13-15 of the motion for TRO document.

"In contrast, Defendants will only be ordered to ceasetheir illicit activity. They will not suffer any monetary damage since, at this point, they areonly distributing Circumvention Devices for free on the Internet."

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r1sh122832d ago

I dont think the hackers outside of the USA can be stopped unless sony sue them from within the country they operate in.
US law only applies to US citizens.
as with any other country.

Ju2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

The ruling will still apply - if only possible to be executed within the US.

However, this does not prevent you to get a record about the ruling on your "balance sheet".

It will then depend on bilateral agreements between the proper countries how this is "transfered" to the location of residence.

To assume you are safe because you are not living in the US is a naive idea.

Xander7562832d ago

As I tried to point out in the article, there is legal precedent that when committing crimes online such a hacking you are NOT protected simply by living in another country. When it comes to a civil case like this where copyright infringement and intellectual property rights are involved, you have to look at whether or not the country where the hacker lives is a member of the World Trade Organization. WTO regulates foreign patent claims and establishes a bare minimum level of protection that each government has to give to its members.

r1sh122832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

Is that why the USA have no actual grounds to charge Julian assange (the wikileaks guy).
Each country has its own legal proceedings and laws.
Even the 'hacker' from the UK who go into pentagon systems has not been extradited yet, the UK also has a treaty it has signed with the USA that it can chose not to extradite people.
Whether or not the WTO regulates paten claims, its the laws within a country that will decide how a person is charged via court.
I keep mentioning but this is quite similar to the Iphone jailbreaking, a way to fully crack the system and install pirated software/apps. A judge in the USA allowed it and threw the case out.
I also said, there is no proof that any of the hackers created a PSN account so the TOS may not have been accepted. Even sony have tangled themselves up by trying to send money to Geohot, I mean they were trying to influence the case. I am against piracy, but I am for open source software.


Yeah right... u just watch as this thing goes on every one involved no matter what country will b found guilty.

MGRogue20172832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

Already been discussed countless times on previous articles...

So, let's just drop this shit now, please... At least until something else comes up like Geohot being sent to jail or something..

Xander7562832d ago

The difference here is that I have a background and education in criminal justice unlike many of the other journalists who wrote about this topic. I'm trying to point out that there ARE legal precedents where residing in other countries doesn't protect those who commit crimes online so Sony probably isn't just making idle threats.

Urmomlol2831d ago

Hinkley, your grasp of the criminal justice system is about as tenuous as your grasp on writing. That is to say, barely existent.

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OJA-N4G2832d ago

Should be interesting in the coming days.

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