10 Most Disappointing XBLA Games

There’s nothing more charming than a neat little independent game that has charm and style… except for these lot. Disappointments would be understatements since some of them have killed potential sequels with their abysmal performances.

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Kran3977d ago

Comic Jumper just wasnt as fun as splosion man ¬¬

DarkBlade46583977d ago

Definitely agree, and I'm so hyped for the sequel

darthv723977d ago

it isnt as good as it could have been. I would liked to have seen a mode where you could switch from the new look to the old. Rtype dimensions is a game with that option.

I just couldnt figure out the castelvania one at all. Where am I on the screen? why cant it be played as if I am a regular single player? (it prob could but i deleted it after 5 minutes).

I have exit on the psp (pretty fun) and thought exit 2 would be as good....yeah that's what i get for thinking.

An honorable mention would be space giraffe and other cutsie colorful weird puzzle games (except peggle...that is some straight up addicting shiz right there).

TheSanchezDavid3977d ago

Some of these actually look pretty cool, but I can see how they may have failed to live up to players' expectations.

marioPSUC3977d ago

Blacklight Tango Down was fun for a brief amount of time. Though if you played the team based modes, either team will end up just camping outside of the other teams spawn base and just kill you as you came out. And that ability you got to see through walls and stuff kinda felt cheap.

Comic Jumper looked really good but it felt like a letdown, I enjoyed Splosion man, but Comic Jumper wasnt that fun

PandaJenkins3977d ago

Saw Comic Jumper, decided author is an idiot.

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