LA Noire versus Heavy Rain versus Uncharted: Who Has The Best Motion Capture?

GB: "There has been a great buzz surrounding the motion capture of LA Noire, and rightly so. It is one of the closest possible rendering of a human being in to the virtual world of video games. But how does this technology compare with the other games that have been renowned for motion capture as well. In short how does LA Noire stack up against giants like Heavy Rain and Uncharted? For this we have posted screens from all the three games below."

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SMOK3xFFx2839d ago

LA Noire is so good it's freaky. Although the Uncharted motion capture does have the benefit of getting the actors voice as he does the actions.

cyborg2839d ago

L.A Noirce after that vid they released for it. Truly incredible

Pixel_Enemy2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

L.A. Noire has great tech to get the facial expressions and motion capture but it does the face and body separately and doesn't always work and match up perfectly. Uncharted does as SMOK3xffx stated and does voice overs AS they motion capture full body. It adds to the realism since it is actually being acted out instead of split into separate sections and pieced together.

Can't disagree with facts. I watched a video on how LA Noire does their face models and it is brilliantly realistic but they sit in a chair and do voice and face tracking together and body tracking separately

Focker4202839d ago

Facial mo-cap = LA Noire
Full body mo-cap = Uncharted 2

captain-obvious2839d ago

with all due respect to both uncharted and HR
LA Noire mocap is just too damn superb

i think because both uncharted and HR only got body mocab and not facial mocab like LA Noire does

because in that vid they said that they are using this new things that lets them mocab facial movements too

MmaFanQc2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

LA noir face mocap is indeed THE BEST right now...BUT the game isnt released yet....SO, in my book, the best face animation in the videogames right now isn Heavy Rain, isnt Uncharted...... Heavenly Sword, right now you just cant beat that, want a good proof? take a look at this.

if you disagree, its because you are obviously delusional.

RedDragan2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

Dude... I think that Heavenly Sword is CGI, not Motion Capture.

Also, the LA Noire has the most detail but it looks wierd. Look at how bad the contrast is with the rest of the scene in background. It looks like the characters have been copy/pasted into the scene without being touched up. Hope they improve that or it will bug the hell out of me.

This is the uncanny valley effect. I guess we reached it earlier than expected, we weren't meant reach this level until 2015 at the earliest. Just shows how quick gaming is advancing as far as graphics are concerned.

EDIT: Actually scrapt that, Heavy Rain still ahead on the large facial scenes. Just look at the beard and eyes etc

Aggesan2839d ago

Best facial mo-cap = LA Noire
Best body mo-cap = Uncharted 2
Best modelation and texturing = Heavy Rain

MmaFanQc2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

@RedDragan you clearly didnt played HS, its all ingame.

you can even notice the aliasing....

RedDragan2839d ago


What the ....?

How the hell does that comment lead you to say I didn't play the game? Don't be a jerk and just explain that they did use motion camera to correct me instead of being a jerk who says "You obviously didn't play the game".

For your info I did, so drop the heavy defence. If it did use motion capture fair enough, no need to be t**t about it!

MmaFanQc2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

u mad?

you need to be mad, if you played the game you would obviously be aware the scenes are in-game.

RedDragan2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

Ok the cutscenes are in-game engine, is it motion capture?

(genuine question, I would like to know, thought it was CG which can also be done in game using an engine)

EDIT: seen the links, thanks. you could have just said that first though lol

lociefer2839d ago

l.a is scarily realistic, altho something seems a little odd in the facial animation but i cant put my finger on it

Dac2u2839d ago

How can you compare motion capture with screenshots, poor ones at that? The article should have gathered some decent videos comparing the different scenes and emotions shown on the characters.

Personally, I think LA Noire is going to set the motion capture standard extremely high.

@RedDragan: To answer your question, yes, Heavenly Sword used motion capture, but the old form using small dots placed all over the face. I'd love to see what they can create using the same tech as LA Noire. MMAfanqq obviously has trouble comprehending, otherwise he would have understood what you meant when you said CGI vs motion capture.

HappyGaming2839d ago

I really think Uncharted's way of capture is really cool:

The video is from Uncharted 1 by the way...

ExplosionSauce2839d ago

it seems they're comparing with Uncharted 1.

Zydake2839d ago

Their all on PS3 lol.

fail0verflow2839d ago

LA Noire has great face mo-cap, but graphics overall are shit

gamer20102839d ago

LA Noire is using new technology and looks the most realistic by far. You can see every subtle detail of emotion played out on the characters' faces.

For using the traditional approach Uncharted looks very good. The problem is, they record the voice performance and the body motion together, but they do the face animation separately.

It's true that LA Noire does the motion capture for the body separate from the detailed capture of the face movements and the voice work, but that still gives a much more realistic result.

Anyway, gamingbolt is funny for trying to compare 'motion' capture using screenshots.

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SnuggleBandit2839d ago

Facial versus full body?

We have yet to see any animations other than L.A. noire's facial one's. Are they mo-capping body too?

Yea, their facial animations are the best we have seen, but who knows about body animations. Uncharted has THE BEST full body animations this gen.

Pixel_Enemy2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

LA Noire is doing face and voice together and body separately then piecing the two together. Uncharted did it all at once.

shadow27972839d ago

Naughty Dog prefers to tweak their motion capture with hand animation. They also like to hand animate the faces. It allows for exaggeration that's not possible with super realistic/accurate motion capture. The slight cartoony-ness of Uncharted's animation adds to the feel of Uncharted. It suits Uncharted perfectly.

In terms of technology and realism, yeah L.A. Noire has better Motion Capture. It's pretty obvious. But again, the movements are small, subtle, realistic. That just wouldn't work in Uncharted, it's supposed to be slightly over-the-top and campy.

And Heavy Rain honestly doesn't deserve to be in this discussion. I love the game, but it's behind both games in animation.

Oh and if you're going to do this comparison with screenshots (for whatever reason), at least use screenshots from Uncharted 2. They changed methods between games.

techie2839d ago

They don't mo-cap faces for Uncharted - the so the comparison's retarded.

LA Noire and HEAVENLY SWORD win.

mac_sparrow2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

Indeed, the comparison is retarded.

"For this we have posted screens from all the three games below."

No you haven't, those aren't screens from Uncharted, and how do screens show motion capture?

RyuDrinksTheDew2839d ago

definitely agree with you SMOK3, LA Noire takes it to a different level.

Man In Black2839d ago

LA Noire has amazing facial animations, but I think the textures themselves leave a lot to be desired. Look a bit too clay-like.

Christopher2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

Facial - L.A. Noire
Body/Voice - Uncharted 3 so far (live action mo-cap).

Heavy Rain for me was good at a lot, but not master of any specific mo-cap feature.

I'm surprised HeavyRain/Enslaved isn't a part of this debate, though, since they do a great job of capturing face/voice as well. They have some very talented motion graphic artists as well, but most of their motion elements tend to be more programmed than enhanced mo-cap.

[Author's Note: All comments above are the opinion of the author and not meant as statements of fact.]

Christopher2839d ago

Sorry, meant Heavenly Sword/Enslaved, not Heavy Rain/Enslaved.

the_1080p_guy2839d ago

@RedDragan, dude at first I thought u havent played the game either because the bonus making-of cut-scenes/behind the scene on the blu-ray explains how the mo-cap was done (u need to earn enough glyph points to unlock them).It was the first game i bought on my ps3 and i was so amazed...too bad Enslaved was a bit of a downgrade,but still good game all-around.

samuraiX2839d ago


Uncharted and heavenly sword have the best Best Motion Capture.

visualb2838d ago

I get all 3 anyway so whats the point.

L.A. Noir tech is absolutely impressive though =) they used very similar (maybe old by now) tech for HR too though

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Karooo2839d ago

La noire of course looks great. Heavy rain had some boring looking characters.

guigsy2839d ago

As good as Heavy Rain and Uncharted are, LA Noire is revolutionary in terms of motion capture.

himdeel2839d ago

...body mo cap not so much

guigsy2839d ago

Yeah, I think Enslaved should also be in this comparison, it has some of the best mo-cap I've ever seen.

visualb2838d ago


I hope to see the tech they created on other games though =)

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Tinasumsum2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

LA Noire takes just by looking at this story's pic.

Pixel_Enemy2839d ago

This is why you fail.. You judge motion capture by an article pic..

OllieBoy2839d ago

LA Noire has the best facial animations, but the characters themselves are nowhere near as detailed like the ones in Uncharted and Heavy Rain.

plb2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

this. The detail in heavy rain is insane