PlayStation 3 Piracy – The Ugly Truth

A write up on how PlayStation 3 piracy has and will affect the platform and what options Sony have to combat it

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jc485732839d ago

maybe reducing the retail price would really help.

Nivalis2839d ago

Agreed, in all honesty, i think they should drop the price of new titles to $35/£30, much more people would buy new games, and the used game market would be even more affordable.

What I've never understood is why digital downloads can a lot of the time, cost more than a physical copy!

zootang2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

The truth is, Sony will be make money from the attention it is getting. Normal man on the street knows nothing about hacking.

You think the iphone suffered for it being hacked?

Best2839d ago

What's gonna be ugly is the fact thy I am going to teach all 1000 friends on my facebook how to get free PS3 games. Man, Sony really screwed up.

Elven62839d ago

It has pretty much been proven that price won't impact much at all. Remember the Indie Bundle that Wolfire was selling at the "pay what you want" price scheme? It essentially meant that you could pay a penny and get the five or so games for that price yet piracy was still pretty high on the bundle during this promotion.

Marked2839d ago

@ best

What about the 2 friends you have in real life? How are they dealing with your repressed fanboyism?

2839d ago
vickers5002838d ago

"Remember the Indie Bundle that Wolfire was selling at the "pay what you want" price scheme?"

Yeah, but that wasn't nearly as popular as any console game would be. If console games dropped by like 20 bucks, you would see a LOT more people buying games.

I've actually considered buying another PS3 just to try out a few games that don't have demos (I don't really have the option of renting), and if I liked them, I'd buy them.

But I'm not going to at the moment because it's too much work and money.

deafwing2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

big business is not going to drop prices that low for no one

the dlc games on psn and other networks are on the cheap cuz the games were out already for some time - maybe if games moved completely to DLC (fear this GameStop employees, you know it will happen) then perhaps the price can drop

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ChristianGamer2839d ago

Dropping retail prices won't help jack! That's like saying dropping the retail prices of cars will reduce car jacking

Nivalis2839d ago

While that's true, in reference to cars, at the same time, reducing the price of cars would make people who normally couldn't afford a car, more likely to buy one instead of buying used, or stealing one.

SKUD2839d ago

I LOL'd @ CG's comment.

gamingdroid2839d ago

It certainly would reduce the effort to return ratio. It might stop some, but likely won't have too much of an effect.

plb2839d ago

COD is the reason games are $60 right now except PC where they are usually $50 EXCEPT COD

Motion2839d ago

No, the $10 M$ and Sony tax is why console games are $10 more than PC games. As far as Activision charging $60 for PC games, yeah, that's why everyone hates them.

gamingdroid2839d ago

If you did an inflation adjusted pricing on games, modern games provide superior quality/features and price than ever.

It might be expensive to you, but it used to be far more expensive to be a gamer. In comparison, if you bought a house in 1999-2001, after the recession your are still likely to be up 60-70%. If you bought a video-game back then, it was $50 and now it is $60!

iceman062839d ago

I think you are one of the first people to bring that up. I can remember my friend running to GameStop in the early 90's to get MK for the SNES...for a whopping $75...on cartridge!!! That was a standard price for a lot of the popular games on SNES. Now, we get Blu-rays and DVD's with superior audio and video quality for around the same price...some 20 years later. I think that the industry has done a pretty good job of adjusting for inflation (and keeping within acceptable limits) in comparison to other industries.

KiLLUMiNATi_892839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

Well I always said games were to expensive pricing at 60$. But I think it's time to take a look because I'll hack my ps3 and buy some games that deserve my money and hack the others. Idk y people are so mad at this, everyone knew this day would come.

ForceCSW2839d ago

Don't think just because a game isn't good you have a right to pirate it. If you can't afford games don't buy them it is not your God given right to play them for free.

Cenobia2839d ago

That makes no sense. People pirate to avoid paying -anything-. They do not do it because they are against paying too much, despite what they say.

Games could be $10 new and people would still pirate them. You can own infinitely more games when they're free. If anything, I just see companies raising the price.

This is getting really blown out of proportion. The Xbox and Wii are both hacked. Sony will just ban hacked PS3s from PSN using their MAC addresses.

Zinc2839d ago

I both agree and disagree.

I think that if games were $10.00 new, with all things being equal, you would see a higher volume of sales. That's the most likely outcome and the volume would most likely make up for the price difference as Steam has been tracking this phenomanon quite closely.

However, I do agree that this subject of hacking is getting blown up way too much. This will not destroy the PS3, just like it has not destroyed the Xbox, the DS, the Wii, or the PSP for that matter (that was taken apart by the outcry of piracy, not the fact of piracy happening, there's a difference and one that few can seem to wrap their head around. Let's face it the DS gets hacked and pirated too, yet they enjoy many game releases).

I'm personally sick and tired of people shooting their mouths off about something, when they don't even take the time to thoughtfully consider the subject matter. (This is a general feeling and not aimed directly at you Cenobia).

I have seen more sensationalism over Sony products than anything else on this and most other sites. It is painfully clear that most people are unable or unwilling to accept simple realities and instead wish to construct untrue and half-thought theories. I don't have anything against Sony. I like their products and I think that they have some great exclusives, but you have to be realistic and be able to look at things with a eye for both the big and little picure.

Cenobia2839d ago

I agree that there would be a higher volume of sales, but I don't think they would actually make more money. They probably barely cover the cost of buying and stamping the disc at that margin.

I don't use steam, but I think Valve drops pricing like that to inflate sales for a limited period of time. People jump on the deals, where they may not have initially purchased. If you start at $10 there is very little room to make a deal and you have a lot less wiggle room to increase sales by dropping price (ie. Greatest Hits would be like $9.50).

I agree that sales would probably increase if games launched at, say, $40 (which is a better example than my over-exaggerated $10), but I assume the big 3 had crunched the numbers extensively and had a variety of reasons for going with their current price point. They all know a lot more than I do about what it costs to make a profit on games.

Anyway, that was totally off topic. All I know is my internet is way too slow to have to deal with constant firmware updates, if that is what Sony needs to do to combat this hacking.

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zero_gamer2839d ago

Reducing prices would help encourage software sales from budget gamers. Unfortunately it won't turn many pirates into legal buyers.

yewles12839d ago

"Unfortunately it won't turn 'any' pirates into legal buyers."


Kewl_Kat2839d ago

It won't turn many pirates into legal buyers, but a lower price on consoles and games would greatly help convince non-pirates to not pirate. Right now, a great argument against pirating PS3 games is that buying used games or even some new ones is far more convenient and cheaper than bothering with blank blu-ray discs and download times.

Zinc2839d ago

I really couldn't say if it would convert your average pirate to a buyer of games. There is really no way to tell that at this time, mainly because they have not tried it on a whole, as an industry. You can't track what does not exist...

Also, I'll tell you something from personal experience.

When I was going to college back in 99/00/01/02, I was broke all the time. I shared games with people and they shared games with me. I did download software and games. But, I also bought software and games.

Now, many years later, I buy my games, mostly because I buy them off Steam, but not all my games are purchased off Steam. Do you really think that if your situation changes or the games are less expensive, that a person who pirates something, won't buy it instead? Do you really think that people can't change or situations can't change?

I'm not saying that pirating should be condoned, I'm simply finding it hard to understand the hardlined, no gray-area stance people take with this subject. I mean, am I the only one that traded or loaned games to friends back in the day? That's the same thing as pirating, more-or-less. The result is pretty much the same.

I think everybody should be paid for their work, now more than ever, as I've grown up and had to work for things in my life.

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Thecraft19892839d ago

Now this is getting silly can please just have a week of no stupid articles about the ps3 getting hacked ?

SephireX2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

Sony will start banning console ids pretty soon which are running cfw. Though hackers coud use two id number (one they get from a friend or something) and play offline with cfw with one id and online with normal cfw with the other id. This would save them from buying a second console. Hackers will try to come up with ways to hide the cfw from Sony's checks. It will be interesting to see how it unfolds.

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