Reports Claim PSP2 Will Be As powerful as PS3 - Really? Is that Even a Good idea?

If the current trend of handheld graphics quality continues, it is technically possible for a handheld to deliver on this apparantly outlandish claim. GamesRadar speculated about cell phone graphics reaching current gen standards in three years some 10 months ago and since then they've already seen games approaching that bar with the likes of Epic Citadel, Infinity Blade and Rage HD. But is PS3 quality the right thing for PSP2 to strive for?

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Godmars2902839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

What's really important is that its easier to program for. That Sony doesn't try to go for HD level graphics on a handheld.

Would love to see PS3 level graphics done at a PS2 scale.

piroh2838d ago

What's really important is R2,L2 and two analogs

btw, i don't think PSP2 can handle The Cell and Blu-ray

Lyr1c2838d ago

Only a Saiyan can handle The Cell....

pain777pas2838d ago

Piroh I like what you typed. In honesty if they have R2 and L2 they can port any game from their previous lineup to this system and have a field day. Imagine FFX or GOW 1 and 2 of the new one with a control scheme that matches up. I would definitely look into getting the system day one. I want it to be bluetooth compatible with DS3s and move and such. Make the system a sort of mini console on the go and ride it out and see what happens. This may be the direction that the industry will have to take judging by the DS sales data. 3g or 4g compatibility would be a plus and ensure that the system is versatile and future proof. Sony should really think about the opportunity to make high quality games for everyone on the go and at home in one device. The PS3 is still a bluray player so they still have that down. I will not download games above 2 gigs to be honest. Video will be best on bluray or streamed which the new PSP should be able to do both. A hybrid console in your pants with all the bells and whistles will satisfy many especially me who likes to lay in bed and play games.

DatNJDom812838d ago

Yes this is a great idea. This means the next gen consoles are going to be more a lot more powerful. This trend is actually not different from the Playstation track record. The PSP is more powerful than the PS1 and almost as powerful as PS2. So this isn't something new. Well unless u just started gaming.

Godmars2902838d ago

Not expecting Cell level performance from whatever they manage to fit into the thing. Certainly not BR level capacity.

But if they can get above PS2 level performance out of a handheld making games worthy of it...?

HolyOrangeCows2838d ago commenting on a baseless rumor, oh how shocking.

AAACE52838d ago

the thing I dont get is if you can fit that kind of power into a handheld, why is the ps3 still so big? If that is possible, the ps3 would be the size of the ps2 slim.

Raf1k12838d ago

@AAACE5, when devs say something like this they usually don't mean that it's got the raw power of a PS3 which would be insane. It just means that it's capable of producing visuals that are as impressive as those the PS3 can do but on a smaller scale.

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JsonHenry2838d ago

Lol, I love hearing people say this. It just is not possible with our current tech. Unless you plan on always having your "portable" device plugged into a wall.

MariaHelFutura2838d ago

Make it like a DS controller w/ a screen in the middle.

Sarcasm2838d ago

It depends what resolution the screen is going to be. I'm guessing if it's something like 480p, it doesn't need as much power as a cell processor. Think about it, games like God of War Ghost of Sparta on the current PSP is running off a measly 333mhz. If the PSP2 is around 1ghz (which is now common for mobile platforms) or even possibly run a dual core 1ghz like the Nvidia Tegra 2, then it's more than possible they can reach PS3 graphics at a lower resolution.

Blaze9292838d ago

that battery better be as powerful as the sun then. gtfo

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Joni-Ice2839d ago

Yes it a good idea. I own a PS3 not because its better than a PSP but because I like gaming on a console and I love Sony's games. I also own a PSPgo because I like portable gaming with the need to carry games and the bluetooth. Now if the PSP2 is as powerful as the PS3 it just mean that I may want to pick one up so my on the go gaming experience would be better. I am soooooo glad Sony does thing the way they do cause if they listen to everyone who tries to dictate the way they do business, great feature like BluRay, etc will be non existant.

-Alpha2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

It's not a good idea and likely false. Come on, first of all, this thing would be expensive. And let's not get started on the battery life. What's the point of having a handheld that powerful?

I prefer handhelds for the more simpler kinds of games. Just make it more powerful than the PSP and Sony is fine. I just find the jump to be a little too big. The DS was able to keep up just as well with the PSP in terms of AAA games while taking the more simpler route (focus on touch-screen versus graphics). I strongly doubt Sony is going to do this as it would hinder the performance of battery life and pricing would be too high.

RememberThe3572838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

"more simpler"? Grammar Alpha, grammar. :)

Yeah, I'd welcome it, but I don't see it happening with the batteries today. But more power to them I can't get mad if they push the envelope.

-Alpha2838d ago

Whoops, thanks :)

I welcome it, but I think there is such a thing as pushing the envelope TOO far. You don't want a product the market isn't ready for, especially the handheld market. But you never know as Blu Ray has proven to be a pretty big risk that has paid off for Sony.

Still, the logical jump seems outrageously huge. Handhelds are always supposed to be a few steps back from the main consoles, what's the point of having PS3 games on the handheld?

Dylantalon12839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

It's an amazing idea for psp2 to be as powerful or more powerful than a ps3. I'm so spoiled that I dont want to buy multiplatform games because the ps3 is very powerful and I only buy majority ps3 exclusives. If it wasn't for Sony and their catering for core gamers, gamers wouldn't be playing a lot of these adult oriented games or hardcore games today. People asked the same questions about dual analog, R2,L2 , ps3, online connectivity and all sorts.

MarioWarfare2838d ago

If psp2 is as powerful as a ps3 then expect less than 2 hours of battery life

Lyr1c2838d ago

Psh...It runs on nuclear energy....


mmPete2838d ago

I disagree about the battery claims.
While sure, they may be shorter, handhelds, unlike cell phones, don't have to be super thin and light. They can be bulkly, and have more room to fit a larger battery. This would probably use the same amounts of battery as the 3DS have to power essentially 3 screens...

StbI9902838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

It doesn't have 3D, so expecting a better battery life than the 3DS...with the HTC EVO specs (or maybe with a 2ghz processor, hearing a lot of T2 by Nvidia) which is by far more powerful than the ps2, no taking in account the 3DS, plus locked at 60fps, since again it won't have 3d capabilities, is already settled, now when they say ps3, I guess they're meaning with the making of games look as good if not better than, because of the resolution the device will posses, showing less pixelated frames

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