DC Universe Online Receives a New Patch v1.02

The next time players attempts to boot up DC Universe Online on either the PlayStation 3 or PC, a new patch will be available for download.

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admiralvic2839d ago

Good to see early support.

MattyF2838d ago

It's expected. This early on players should see a lot of support.

Christopher2838d ago

Disappointed to see that the Station Pass only covers PC version of the game, not the PS3 version.

easto1a2839d ago

not even picked this title up yet

MightyMark4272838d ago

seems that the server is pretty stable now :D

JoeReno2838d ago

Agreed, I hit Lvl 10 without a single freeze or lock up, where as the beta I had one every couple hours on the PS3.

Deacon2838d ago

The reason why there was so many freezing issues in the beta was because of the debugger the developers have running in the background since not everyone playing the beta will report bugs on their own. Just throwing some useless info out there. Lol

ceedubya92838d ago

wasn't going to pick this game up at first. Not much of an MMO gamer due to the the fees and time commitment. However, I traded in some games I wasn't playing anymore and decided to give the 1 month trial a go. The DC license really convinced me to try this game, and I'm glad I did. I'm having fun, so far and am looking forwrd to joining others in the fight.

Blackcanary2838d ago

This game comes out 2morrow in the UK me can't wait.

AK462838d ago

Picking this up! But I will be missing my monthly payments here and there, to experience the other AAA titles.

nefertis2838d ago

My eyes are bloodshot red from playing too much of dc universe online, time too take a break now. this game has become crack too me.