Can Sony Really Ban Users Without PlayStation Network Access?

There's an editorial circulating that Sony could put the kibosh on hacked PlayStation 3 consoles without PlayStation Network access at any time. The piece conflates speculation about what Sony might do with what they might be able to do, and comes in the wake of news that Sony is suing the hackers responsible for reverse-enginering the PS3's core security routines and offering a root-level workaround that allows users to sign and execute code indiscriminately.

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SeanScythe2887d ago

I like how people defending this try and make up stuff to make it sound like it's nothing. Look at one of the comments on that site.

"If you replace an engine in a car does it stop working?" Uh no but you void any warrenty and the Manufacture doesn't have to be responsible for it anymore either.

Guess what if you put stuff on the car that's illegal then you can't drive on the road with it legally. You can still try but if you get caught your car is impounded.

Sony is both the Manufacture and the law on their road(PSN) so if they catch you doing something you're not supposed to be doing they can kick you off and lock out your modded PS3.

ct032887d ago

Piracy is illegal. Installing a custom firmware is not.
If I replace my car seats with a different brand I'm still allowed to drive on public roads.

fail0verflow2887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )

an article responding to not confirmed information? this is enough

/@ct03, downloading mp3's in my country is 100% legal, don't know about yours

koehler832887d ago

What's legal in your country doesn't stand everywhere else in the world.

Peppino72887d ago

I can't see SONY banning without PSN access because the hacked ps3s don't know they're hacked. PSN might be able to tell. Unless SONY isn't just using a scare tactic, and using a firmware update(which has been said to be useless), I can't see SONY bricking/banning anyone. But... I don't work for them so who knows???

DJMarty2887d ago

CFW is illegal cos to make a CFW they had to reverse engineer Sonys code which is illegal, not to mention using parts of Sonys firmware code for the CFW itself which is also illegal. Also all SDK and Service tools are copyrighted too.

joeorc2887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )

"Piracy is illegal. Installing a custom firmware is not."

custom firmware is illegal unless you do not use any of the owners copyrighted code an not just the code but any real semblance of the visual makeup of the program.

IE: just adding "install packge"
to the XMB would still be illegal for you to copy an distribute. it is still copyright infringement. you would have to change everything about the XMB. an not just the color. the sound. ETC.
there is a big thing about that, yes you can put in new seats or new tires or even tinted windows, but unless they pass an inspection by the police you can be handed a ticket.

for instance if your car sits too high off the road you can be handed a ticket.

if the seats you put in blocks a rear view view you can be tickted.

ExplosionSauce2887d ago

Modding it will only void your warranty.

As long as you stay offline, you won't run into trouble.

ct032887d ago

You are both wrong, and the outcome of this legal battle will prove it.

gamingdroid2887d ago

There is no way for Sony to ban your PS3 from PSN, unless they figure out that you have a custom firmware.

The only way that could happen is if a) custom firmware contains some code to tell Sony b) Sony picks it up from some other parts of Sony software i.e. their games/applications to thwart all of that, don't connect to the PSN and your problem is solved.

Of course, I would rather enjoy my PS3 un-modded until I see some really cool homebrew.

SeanScythe2887d ago

No that's no different then putting stickers on the PS3, but when you start messing with the hardware and software in a way that it wasn't intended to be used then you have a problem.

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madpuppy2887d ago

Who cares, as long as they are not on PSN that is good enough for me. PSN doesn't need a community of scumbag cheaters ruining multiplayer gaming for the honest customer that buys his games.

Kewl_Kat2887d ago

Thank you! Let the pirates download their games. The games they pirate are the ones they weren't planning on buying anyway. Just don't let them access PSN, 'cause they've already leached off sony and now they're gonna ruin other gamers' online fun?

cemelc2887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )


Dude almost every game now has some sort of online youre missing a lot, and i mean A LOT from not doing so.

Since the typical douchebag pirate is hiding in the fact tht they are modding their consoles(and since law protect them from companies...usually), the devs are simply investing more in online to screw with them, thats the best antipiracy method there is. You dont buy??? well you just miss all the replay value in the game.

In ten year from now you will barely see a non online game

Look at cod that game is not even worth the case without online.

cemelc2887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )

Sry for double post.

Didnt read well Kewl_Kat post

He is right.

bigevilworldwide2886d ago

Too late though they are already infecting games. MW2 and black ops are really bad now with people that don't die even though you unload a clip into their face from 2 ft away or they shoot you through walls from across the map one guy got a tactical nuke in mw2 in the first 15 seconds of a match.

madpuppy2886d ago


It may be happening but, that doesn't mean that Sony won't start hardware banning these sacks of useless garbage.

I really Hope that Sony man's Up and kicks these losers in the balls. I mean, C'mon! why bother playing a game on line at all if you are going to cheat? what benefit is there to it? If you cheat to win a game you really didn't win anything and everybody knows it. If you collect every trophy without actually doing anything to win them they are useless.

You are just a legend in your own mind. to everybody else your an idiot poser.

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Blaze9292887d ago

hey, if they can, I'm sure they would have done a few by now and we would have heard about it.

Just sayin'. Less talk more proof in the action Sony.


cemelc2887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )

If they could theyll probably wait for a million ppl to mod their ps3 and do a ban wave, but NO, in Blaze929 imaginary world is impossible to do so.

Its not even worth the effort of crushing your also imaginary ps3, and the 30 other muppets that want to pirate games... no wait i remember you call it homebrew right???.

Youre a joke and your FailOverHero dupe account is also a joke.

Blaze9292887d ago

Duplicate account? What the heck do you be going on about sometimes? U are so weird lmao I swear. Funny ass dude you are.

cemelc2887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )

From all my post the only thing you defend is likehood of the duplicate account???? (witch could be true btw). LOL

No argument at all.

SephireX2887d ago

Sure downloading free stuff is illegal but its so easy to avoid getting caught. PSN doesn't matter a damn. Fact is, pirates can buy another console and still save money by getting offline games for free. Most games have most of their value offline anyway. Though also expect hackers to formulate ways of avoidng detection. Its easy to play on xbox live with a modded dvd drive without being detected apparently so what's to stop hackers here?

Druarc2887d ago

But that's when games start coming out with Requires internet connection to play even with no multiplayer, to force checking.

HolyOrangeCows2887d ago

So long as they ban the hackers/cheaters online, I'll be satisfied.

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trounbyfire2887d ago

i "think" the ps3 even when signed out of PSN is connected to Sony. If you have internet to your PS3 then it is communicating some how to sony.

can sony send updated with out you being logged in who knows. They could in theory send a update that makes it so it shows log in and update in order to do anything. so even if you don't have internet you would have to go online and get the update.

just thinking

UltimateIdiot9112887d ago

It is connected even if you're not signed on to PSN. That's how the What's new get updated and to my memory, you can get the updates without being signed on.

Gothdom2887d ago

well, that's also how you get "you need to update to the latest firmware" message. As long as the machine is somehow linked to the internet, it doesn't need to be logged in the PSN.

bananlol2887d ago

Connecting it to the internet and not using psn seems kinda redundant to me. I mean the web browser is fucking horrible. That said sony must do something about the people that manipulate network code, like the cod video. Now people complain about piracy but thats the real problem, its fucking unaccepable. I mean if pirate a game thats just really a potential loss to the developers and sony, but if i use hacks online and ruin for people who actually bought it, well thats just plane evil. Played a lot of halo 3 about 2 years ago and sometime me and some friends used to run into these "lagswitches" and that was annoying as hell. But this... it doesnt even compare.

Corrwin2887d ago

It's not like there isn't enough room on BluRay disks to contain code to detect hacks and brick the console.

Nicaragua2887d ago

errrm i would think that the people who might be playing pirated games wouldnt be using offical Sony Blu-Ray disks which contain some kind of console bricking software.

Dark_king2887d ago

Then they just need the data hidden within the game data.Think they couldn't work it so the actually game engine could detect and disable a PS3.

Axecution2887d ago


Loooool. Yeah, cause they wouldn't find a way around the most simple thing ever. xD

Dark_king2887d ago

@Axecution really Im thinking something like LBP2's engine actually scanning the PS3 for hacked files.If any were there it could just lock you out of the OS permanently.Then the hackers have to find and edit the entire game engine before they could release a digital copy for people to play.

Corrwin2887d ago


True, but what if the protection was built into the game itself?

Like Batman's ability to glide in pirated versions of Arkham Asylum, or a lack of any instructions or tutorials in pirated Zelda Spirit Tracks.

All it takes is for SONY to get the devs to add it to their games, and since the highest rated games on PS3 are it's exclusives by 1st or 2nd parties, it wouldn't be difficult.

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I remember when my PS3 got banned for 1 month for gamesharing.
When I phoned up Sony about it. They knew I got 8 User accounts on my PS3 even though 3 of them were never registerd to PSN.
So yeah I do think Sony can ban you without PSN access.

Vegetom2887d ago

Did Sony ban you for that reason? That's just sad :')

AssassinHD2887d ago

Why is it sad? The ToS is pretty clear about the licensing restrictions and it states clearly that you are not allowed to share your account information (which you have to do in order to game share).


To be honest I didn't know gamesharing was not allowed, loads of my friends used to do it. we never realised it was illegal until we were suspended, then Sony explained it to me on the phone. (I don't really read the terms and condition thing anyway, infact I dont think anyone does)

Dart892887d ago

Wait so we can get banned for gamesharing?I'm at least game sharing with 4 buddies of mine but i've never been banned.


Yeah I was gamesharing for months too, but I got banned as soon as I started sharing the inFamous demo which I recieved before everyone else cos' I pre ordered it. I guess that caught Sony's attention
But I've noticed people still do it, I guess I was unlucky

Corrwin2887d ago

The TOS say you can share with up to 5 other machines, 3 in some cases.

it's for people who have more than one PS3 (or a PSP, or an internet-enabled SONY TV, they count as shareable devices) in their homes.

It's ok if you share maybe one or two with a buddy - I've shared a few game with my younger brother who's still in school. I'd be happy to gift them, but SONY have yet to enable that on the store.


Thanks for the Info.

Didn't know that, and I was decided to share Dead Nation to a friend.

Apotheosize2887d ago

So..they dont connect to the internet? Then what? youre free

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