RipTen First Impressions - DC Universe Online

Murray Hibble of RipTen; "Your combat powers in battle are the most impressive sight. The throbbing mentalist bolts, waves of magic and gunfire offer pounding explosions of colour and a full battle will weed out any latent-epileptics faster than a strobe light."

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greeneggsnsam3018d ago

Seems fun but I don't fancy paying a subscription for it, really.

KingNintendoFanboy3018d ago

I agree. I don't want to pay anything to play games that I have already bought.

NewMonday3018d ago

First month is free, 3 month subscription is 30$, that makes it 7.5$ a month for the first 4 months, not a bad deal.

Q:To whoever played it, can you completely install the game on the PS3 or do you still need the disk?

Drjft3018d ago

I'm keen to try it out, but I like the author can see it turning Free-2-Play after a while ala APB...

Stunt3018d ago

I couldn't dedicate my time to an MMO.

Lirky3018d ago

It'll be free2play in a few years. Champions online went free2play,APB going free2play too. WOW wont go free2play but it could if blizzard wanted it to.

Motion3018d ago

Its mostly games that are failing, barely breaking even, or not gaining new players that tend to go F2P. There are some F2P success stories from good to decent games, but if you're game has legs to it, it won't go F2P. That being said, I don't know the amount of content/staying power DCUO has to offer. Sony doesn't do F2P often, I think so far the only Pay to Free conversion has been EQ2?

Omegasyde3018d ago

Yes but Sony's other Big MMO is Free Realms which might also see a PS3 release.

MMO's live off of endgame events and dungeons/loot. I never got to the end game in City of Hero's but I heard it was lame. This game's hook for endgame is participaing in epic DC battles i.e. you + Superman + batman vs. Joker etc to stop a bomb going off.

Free to play might not work with this game unless they nickel and dime you for additional clothes, or to actually participate in the end game battles.