PSP 2: The story so far

2011 will be an extremely interesting year for the old guard of pocket gaming.

Both Sony and Nintendo had their cool credentials knocked in 2010 by those snotty upstart kids, the smartphones. In particular, Apple’s iOS devices pose a huge threat that even the imperious Nintendo can’t ignore.

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Joni-Ice2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

This is my most anticipating hardware of 2011. I hope the rumours are true about the spec. If so, this is day one for me.

Shang-Long2837d ago

just want a price detail. psp was a great device for the road since i am an athlete

nevin12837d ago

lol @ "since im an athlete"

anyway, I still don't like this trackpad on the back stuff. Why should customers pay for another gimmick?

Close_Second2837d ago

Not so much about paying for a gimmick but I'm just not a fan of the trackpad on the back. I personally cant see the point of it unless they are going to do away with physical controls.

supremacy2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

The trackpad I believe is there for better web surfing experiences, earlier on someone had mention that sony was toying with the idea of also making its screen a touchscreen as well.

But I am guessing that didnt work out too well since gaming can be hinder by little human mistakes like accidently touching the touchscreen while trying to punch in the other buttons.

Also that trackpad can potentially be something that adds a different element to games.

Dragging objects and petting pets in games, or drawing ect.

As far as battery life is concerned, I think this device will most likely come packed with a battery as long as the unit itself sitting inside. Kinda like iphone 4s battery, I mean something has to give right.

The only concerns I have are price and the sticks themselves.

Like will they feel like a piece of plastic grip sitting on a ball for that natural 3D feel. Or will they feel like a flat bottle top just sliding from side to side in a 2D fashion. Because when it comes to shooters or any 3D games, the ability to look around in full 3D is critical as crucial.

The other issue of this is the L2 & R2 buttons will likely be missing in this device prompting for a different configuration for games like uncharted which ofcourse naturally require the use of these buttons.

Well only time will tell I suppose.

But I wouldnt mind seeing full psn intregration and trophies for psp2 games, along with this future updates like the ones found on ps3 like with 3D and such just to set the tone and image of this device going forward.

liveActionLeveler2835d ago

I think it would be better and more portable substitute for l2 and r2 controls.

Spinal2837d ago

I'm gonna play the Wait and See game with the PSP 2 and 3DS.

But I know for sure i'll be buying the PS Phone (Xperia Play) to replace my iPhone 4. :)

2837d ago
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