Walfisz: Future Consoles may require always on DRM to tacke Piracy

Gamersmint: Martin Walfisz, one of the founders of Ubi Massive, who was heavily involved in new DRM techs and methods for the publisher, feels that the only viable way to protect future console games from the threat of piracy, is to have them constantly connected to the internet.

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Karooo3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

thats terrible

imvix3020d ago

They throw in this garbage to test market on the PC, if it goes a success they may follow up on consoles.

evrfighter3020d ago

only problem is. This DRM was a failure on the pc and have since turned off the "always on".

where u guys been?

HolyOrangeCows3020d ago

Screw Digital Restrictions Management. It doesn't work and only manages to screw legit customers.

The day full-blown DRM reaches the consoles is the day I stop gaming. I'm not going to pay $60+ for the gracious permission from Publishers to play "their" game. Either let me OWN the game I purchase or GTFO.

DevilsOwn3021d ago

Considering the fact that there is no way Sony can differentiate between hacked ps3's and unhacked ps3's due to the lack of a mod chip, this might be Sony's last resort. Unless the servers are as unreliable as Ubisoft's, i dont see anybody complaining.

cyborg3021d ago

that's a viable option for them, I mean, not everyone can be connected to the internet all the time. That's not practical and why the hell do I need an constant internet connection to play games I have paid for in a console I paid for. That's fucking unfair.

I hope the dude's spewing BS.

joeorc3020d ago

3g 4 G connection that is always on. but in return you get charged a higher price for the system. but there is no internet required to game on the system because it's always on.

duplissi3020d ago

uh what about people outside of coverage...

3020d ago
prongs1233021d ago

damn would end of a good gaming exp. as we know it

psb3020d ago

who helped ubi with their drm. Oh, well he is. He's just trying to secure his business by predicting this but am sure, the console makers are not this foolish.

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The story is too old to be commented.