Killzone 3 Move support is 'by choice' - Guerrilla

CVG: The decision for Killzone 3 to include PlayStation Move and stereoscopic 3D support was Guerrilla Games' own, the developer has insisted.

Speaking in the latest Edge magazine - which is with subscribers today and in shops from January 18 - MD Hermen Hulst explained that Guerrilla is simply keen to adopt new technology.

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Joni-Ice2835d ago

Noooooo, Really? I thought Sony put a gun to your head.

Brewski0072835d ago

"you MUST buy move and play it this way....YOU MUST!!"

Yeah its pretty much a no brainer. Anyone with an ounce of intelligence would've seen that coming. Prefer just the normal way of playing myself.

IHateYouFanboys2835d ago

lol you guys having comprehension problems?

theyre not talking about move being optional or mandatory - theyre talking about how Sony didnt FORCE them to support Move/3D, theyre saying they WANTED to include them. its got NOTHING to do with users having the option to use move or a normal controller lol.

personally, i dont believe them one bit. Sony wouldve told them to include Move and 3D support as thats what Sony is trying to push. Nothing Guerilla/Naughty Dog/etc say in their little press releases and interviews would be said without sonys approval, same way nothing Rare/Turn 10 say would be done without Microsofts approval.

anything a first party studio says should be taken with a grain of salt.

edgeofblade2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

Anyone else see the writing on the wall? Well, you will if you've played even the best Wii FPS.

Motion control in a FPS takes THREE separate axes of control: aiming, strafing, and turning. We still have only two, since you force the aiming and turning into the same control device.

It's unacceptable to have to wrangle your aim into the center of the screen every time you want to walk forward. And do you really expect to be able to go toe to toe with a controller? Are they going to nerf controller users or favor Move users to balance it? How about some autoaim... you FPS purists love to rant about that.

Seriously, after a long drought of PS3 games (for me... just stating a fact about my buying habits), I'm looking forward to KZ3. Unless the community turns me off to the game and I have to abandon it to avoid being confused with some asshole yelling "KILLZOWNEDDDDDDD!!!!111! !!".

RememberThe3572835d ago

They did that with Lair... I guess they learned their lesson.

The-Tentacle2835d ago

Move looks like it's going to be fantastic with FPS!

Glad Sony gives theirs devs a choice, offer up amazing hardware and the creativity will flow all by itself, nothing forced here.

The Sharpshooter Gun looks like it might even add something extra to the gameplay too. All in all it's looking like Killzone 3 is the obvious choice over Bulletstorm, which (by stroke of marketing genius /s) is coming out on the same day.

Mr Tretton2835d ago

I'm sorry but Move is not good with FPS, I must sadly say.

El-Fenemeno12132835d ago

Your suppose to help sell the moves :'(.

HeavenlySnipes2835d ago

How many FPS' did you test it out with?

How many of those games were made ground up to be played with MOve?

How many times have you trolled this site?

Army_of_Darkness2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

which FPS move game are you referring too??? because I wanna pick it up and see for myself since I have a move controller... Damn, I must of been under a rock to miss a FPS all this time?!...

The shoot was fun and accurate so I can't see how an actual FPS game would suck for the move.

KillerPwned2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

The wii did pretty good with its first person shooters so i imagine something like the Move which is more of a improvement over the Wii mote will do good if not better and also their are no FPS out right now for the Move so how can you say the move is not good with FPS?

@Below you are correct i forgot i played that before with the Move. I will say it was hard to get the gun right to get a clear shot. But this game wasnt built from the ground up on Move just a patch. To really have a set thought on the Move with FPS id wait for KZ3.

El-Fenemeno12132835d ago

M.A.G. added move support I believe, but its from a patch, so I don't know if that's a move game you can base his claim on.

Gamefan122835d ago

did you have a chance to use it with a shooter yet?

Mr Tretton2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

I played MAG. Didn't like it. Completely pointless. Zero advantage.

Heavenly Snipes. I don't troll. I'm not a troll for not worshipping everything by Sony. I do favor the PS3 over the 360 though. But I own/play both.

I'm just telling people, don't get your hopes up on this.

Gamefan122835d ago

never said you were, i was just asking what you tried it with.


Some people don't have skills to play with PS Move.

Mr Tretton2835d ago

Gamefan, I was clearly talking to Heavenly Snipes.

Elimin82835d ago

Hey, Mr Tretton... You can always use your finger.... Pew Pew... Just saying.

fooltheman2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )


You need to adjust to it...
It seems that people need to learn to play with it

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Raoh2835d ago

it will be interesting to see the online results of gaming with people that have the motion controller and those who use a standard controller.

this will be interesting, and if the game isnt a sales success, like MAG it could be a technological success.

cochise3132835d ago

The move requires skill to play with, it's not easy at all. I played MAG using it. Once you master it though, you'll definitely dominate.

MajestieBeast2835d ago

Still wish they had a mixed room online for move and dualshock players just to see who would be better. Especially with 2 players who are the top with the move or dualshock.

HeavenlySnipes2835d ago

Then people could make some named "Move gamers ONLY' or something like that.

Sure assholes may join with the DS3 just to have the advantage over the new Move players but for the most part it will be only Move players. This way people that never used it could have a way to practice and people that think they are ready for the big leagues can join DS3 players.

MsmackyM2835d ago

There will be no separation between, Move and DS3 players according to the developers.

cochise3132835d ago

i think the DS3 palyers will dominate at first, but the Move players will catch up soon. I'm going to be playing with the move.

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