2 Guns Outdraws Uncharted?

IGN: Director David O. Russell may direct another movie before bringing Mark Wahlberg, er, Nathan Drake to the big screen in Uncharted.

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Lou Ferrigno2887d ago

please stop mentioning marky mark and uncharted in the same sentence >:( .. im still praying that thats not going to happen.

acky12887d ago

lou ferrigno is my hero :) I'm nearly as big as him now.
Sony 'til I die

Elimin82887d ago

Not to rain on you guys parade but the same thing was said of Daniel Craig doing bond and look how it turned out. I'm not saying Mark is perfect or that it may work out the same way but just relax. Things may change...

My 2Cents...

karl2887d ago

nothing personal but if marky mark could just break a leg
i would start believing in god..

cuz i ve prayed for this not to happen..

evildeli2887d ago

Lou might make a better Nathan than marky mark

Blacktric2887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )

"That would push a start date for an Uncharted movie at far as two years off into the future."

I hope this becomes a reality so that this b*stard gets the opportunity to die in a car accident. Like butchering the whole storyline and characters wasn't enough, he also insulted a fan. For God's sake the guy, as a director, doesn't even know who Nathan Fillion is and yet he is gonna write and direct a movie like Uncharted.

astar1234567892887d ago

i will not pay money to see mark in uncharted


The new Batman starring Nicholas Cage will be releasing alongside Uncharted.
cannot wait

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