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SnakeMustDie2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

Damn, Hot Pursuit was just released 2 months ago.

Raendom2836d ago

Wow this is coming REALLY soon. :o

DontShoot-Me-Bro2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )


How is this different to the first Need For Speed: Shift, it looks exactly the same.

Better games to get in March.

sleepy32836d ago

The game has more cars, more tracks, more multiplayer modes, improved physics. that's all you can do with a racing game beyond superficial things like graphics.

How much is GT4 diff front GT3 diff from GT5. More cars, more multiplayer modes, improved physics.

What do you want? boats and planes in racing games?

I hope you complain about 'differentness' in all your purchases. Halo reach was similar to halo 3. KZ3 is similar to KZ2. God of war is similar throughout the whole series. SMG1 is similar to SMG2.

Maybe you should just play one game in a series and never play any others. Especially in a genre like realistic racing games that has FAR less variables than something like platforming.

The core game of a racing sim is gonna have cars racing on tracks and that's it. There are going to be stuff like photo mode and things for a small diversion, but the meat of the game will be the same.

EVILDEAD3602836d ago

Wow..that's one week before MotoStorm..

PS3 releases a Racing Sim in Gran Turismo 5 and EA releases an Arcade Racer in Need for Speed: HP

PS3 set to release an Arcade Racer in Motostorm: Apocalypse and releases A racing simulation in Shift 2:Unleashed..

The plot thickens

Solidestchimp2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

so they make a come back with hot pursuit then try and cash in with this game and it will proberly be trash like the first 1

dirthurts2836d ago

The first Shift was the first sim style racing game I've enjoyed in a long time. I look forward to this one.

sleepy32836d ago

Hope they fix the physics this time. The 1st one had unrealistic levels of oversteer.

Will most likely get this day one as i do with all realistic racers though.

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