Top 10 Scariest Alien Encounters

In anticipation of Dead Space 2, NowGamer run down the top ten scariest alien encounters in games.

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Darkfiber2931d ago

There's a difference between scares and shocks. Stuff jumping out at you from around the corner is startling. It isn't scary. There are plenty of horror games out there that don't resort to cheap startles like Dead Space. Not a bad game, but not scary. True horror in games is an artform, you can't just have some dead-looking zombie jump up from the ground when you walk near it 20 times in a game and call it scary. It just gets boring and predictable.

mattygamefreak2931d ago

Worst article ever. Should've known only trash like this could be found on NowGamer.

Ducky2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

No mention of SystemShock2 was a slap to the face. =(

The DeadSpace encounter thing wasn't even scary. Obvious weak-point was obvious.

Nike2931d ago

Wait, NowGamer is publishing articles?

(Checks story)

Oh wait, no. It's still the same heat-spammed garbage we know and loathe. My mistake.

rumplstilts2931d ago

System Shock 2 did horror with more style and effectiveness YEARS before Dead Space.

Glad to see Aliens vs. Predator on there. Got around to getting classic 2000 edition on Steam. Really intense but also unfairly difficult at points.

antz11042931d ago

ALiens vs Predator on the Jaguar on the marine campaign was the scariest game EVER.

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