EDGE February reviews score

Reviews Score from EDGE February 2011 issue,includes LBP2, Dead Space 2 and more

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slinky1234562834d ago

good reviews for LBP2 Dead Space and Echochrome 2(:

StbI9902834d ago

Even Edge gave Lb2 a 9...oh destructoid.

Acquiescence2834d ago

If they're willing to employ a writer who thinks that Splatterhouse is just as good as LBP 2 then let 'em. They're the ones who end up looking like idiots in the end.

visualb2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

speak not of that blog, it is more attention that it deserves


Wow edge...feeling generous?

DualConsoleOwner2834d ago

their score is off by at least 15 from all the other LBP 2 reviews.

i think they did that on purpose to get hits. just avoid all destructoid hits much as possible

inveni02834d ago

I am so freak'n excited for LBP2.

NeutralGamer2833d ago

The fact that you think about destructoid, means his trick worked..

Man just ignore them lol

rockleex2833d ago


His trick only works if you click on the site to give them hits.

hatchimatchi2833d ago

I'm not a huge fan of destructoid but I just went and read the review. It wasn't bad, and Jim Sterling clearly likes the game.

This gen games have a to be a 9 or a 10 for people to justify their purchase. It wasn't always that way. 10's were so rare back in the day, nowadays people throw it out like it's nothing. That's stupid. Few games deserve 10's. How many COD 10/10 scores are out there? That right there shows that review scores are more a less a joke and only for hype.

Plus, people comparing review scores to other games with the same score. That's stupid. A game is an experience that only pertains to itself. Whatever an entirely separate game got for a score shouldn't matter. Especially in the case of Splatterhouse/LBP2. That's a horrible comparison. In cases of comparison, I can see it making sense with sports games but few other genres warrant game to game comparisons, especially if they're from entirely different developers.

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antz11042834d ago

Cant wait for Dead Space 2!

blusoops2834d ago

Under siege got a 7 from edge...should be good then. First review I've seen of this game. Hope it comes out soon!

slinky1234562834d ago

yeah i was real interested in it to.

Acquiescence2834d ago

Just what I expecting after playing the demo.

Crying shame that; I'm always eager to play adventure games on a console. It's unfortunate that it didn't turn out better.

gillri2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

Dead Space 1 got an 8, so impressed with the DS2 score

would get LBP2 but I tend not to play platformers anymore...unfortunately SMG2 got the same treatment

oh and anyone who thinks EDGE are biased against PS3, you are an conspiracy theorist moron.....grow up

TheFreak2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

take a look at this


Coincidence? I think not

People should not read EDGE for their reviews

Inzo2834d ago

"oh and anyone who thinks EDGE are biased against PS3, you are an conspiracy theorist moron.....grow up"

Where the hell did that come from?

hatchimatchi2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )


I think it's funny how people think edge scores ps3 titles lower on purpose.

I love ps3, I use the thing religiously, but I'm not a blind fanboy dumbass.

Why do people care so much about gamescores? It's all so stupid.

Plus, the comparisons to the ps3/360 in that post, it was pretty much even and the games edge scored lower are questionable.

TheFreak2833d ago

I am no fanboy I just see the truth. I am currently gaming more on my 360 then my ps3

Dude_2832d ago

I can also see the truth, and it shows flawed logic and laughable conspiracy theories, not to mention people with lots of free time on their hands.

Cheeseknight282834d ago

Edge gave 999 a 6/10?

I've never actually hated the magazine for any of their scores, but for that, they can f*** off.

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