GamerZines: Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit’s Super Sports Pack Review

The amplified difficulty level means those who found the main game difficult will probably want to shy away from the Super Sports Pack. But for those desperate for some more racer-chaser action, this 560 MSP/£5.49 pack should just about be enough to tide you over until some more innovative DLC comes our way.

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electricgta3018d ago

i swear this won racing game of the year? every1s finished it already and paying more just untill u get bored of that and end up paying more for a dlc pack, get gt5 :P

Redempteur3017d ago

i don't see how you can get bored with the online this game has.

don't you have any friends ?

TheDeadMetalhead3017d ago (Edited 3017d ago )

The Career is too short and WAAAAAY too easy. The Online has a whole three modes. Already beat all my friends' times. All I have left is to get my Cop to level 20 for the Platinum...But there's nothing left to do.

Yep, sure was $60 well spent... *sigh*