Will Sony Ever Learn? A PSP2 Perspective

PSUni writes "Over the course of the last twenty years we've watched, as gamers, as Nintendo completely dominated the handheld market. Not only did Nintendo dominate with no competition, but when competitors decided to step up and introduce rival platforms like the SEGA Game Gear, Nintendo held its ground and sent its competition packing -- that is, until the PlayStation Portable."

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RSPproductionz2838d ago

i think sony have learned that gamers want AAA games and not timed exclusives, timed dlc, billion dollar advert campaigns and shoddy hardware.
but will these fanboy sites ever learn?

Dark_Charizard2838d ago

We are Sony.

Stealing ideas since 1958

Iamback2838d ago

Agree with article.
PSP2 seems to be same thing that was or is PSP. PSP was bad version of PS2, PSP2 will be bad version of PS3. Releasing home console games on handheld system on paper sounds cool, awesome, until you play it and realize that you are playing lesser version of a game that would be freaking awesome on your home console.
To name a few PSP games. Peace Walker, God of War games, Resistance Retribution (would have been incredible on PS3), Syphon Fitler games, that JSRPG that has 2 and 3rd game on PSP. etc. I think i made my point.
Same will be with PSP2. Uncharted on PSP2 will make you say "Why isn't this on PS3, it would look better and play better".
But of course ignorant narrow minded people will just hit disagree button.
Either way as it stands now PSP2 lacks selling point. 3ds has 3D, which is according to N4G gimmick when it comes to DS and it being glassless but when it comes to PS3 and wearing douchbag glasses its the future and incredible!!!

StbI9902838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

Ignorant narrow minded huh...?

How about not thinking of it as a lesser version but more of a portable which you can take along? I've had quite a time playing Valkirie chronicles on the go, could that be done with the game on the ps3? the same for the psp2, an uncharted game on the psp2 with the same if not around 1rst-gent ps3 graphic on the go with around two to three hours of gameplay?

3DS has 3D, psp2 will have games, games that will make any...ANY gamers want it, just by looking at the ps3 library, I'm set to believe in, but again, blame the piracy hence the psp and no the few good games it at least got.

nycredude2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )


go back to school dude your comment is one of the most retarded one I've ever read, even by N4g standards. Jebus kids this is your brain on drugs.

it's a portable not the Ps3, you don't expect Ds to have Wii graphics do you? Judging by sales I woudl hardly said Nintendo Dominated. There is only two portables so not much competition. Psp despite being "dominated" by Nintendo still sold a lot of psp. No one else has even been able to hang like this.

pedrami912838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

"Releasing home console games on handheld system on paper sounds cool, awesome, until you play it and realize that you are playing lesser version of a game that would be freaking awesome on your home console."

Uh huh.

*Takes a look at the 3DS*

- Super Street Fighter IV 3D
- The Sims 3
- Hideo Kojima's Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3D "The Naked Sample"
- Mario Kart
- Paper Mario
- Star Fox 64 3D
- Kingdom Hearts franchise
- Final Fantasy Dimensions
- Dynasty Warriors
- Ninja Gaiden
- Samurai Warriors 3D
- Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon
- Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Chaos Theory

"I think i made my point."

Sure, whatever you say boyo.

SoapShoes2838d ago


So what if the PSP had ports of PS2? I always wondered why that was looked down on, having a portable PS2 is awesome. Plus the DS had its fair share of console ports(namely Snes ports galore) only it had tons of ports from previous gen consoles. That's how Nintendo works... GBA had Nes ports, DS had Snes and some N64 ports.

HappyGaming2838d ago

I can see how you wouldn't need a PSP but people like us who actually live our homes and can't play on our awesome home consoles all day do want something to play with when we can.

HolyOrangeCows2838d ago

"PSP2 seems to be same thing that was or is PSP. PSP was bad version of PS2, PSP2 will be bad version of PS3"

I like how you fanboys already know what the PSP2 will be. "Soniez will fail against Nintendo again!"
There's a good chance that Sony doesn't try to make it too powerful or have worthless bells and whistles, and they have the upperhand with price and control scheme (Hint: 2-control sticks).

firefoxprime2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

What Lamback says is absolutely true on "some" points. Pertaining to downgraded versions of ps3 titles? To eaches own. If you like your AAA games on the tiny screen, more power to ya. I would be hypocritical to judge the psp titles, because "when" the 3ds launches, I want me some SSFIV3D. Yes. A "port". Awesome game nontheless. But mind you that title is a "direct" port. Its not a side story thats fitted specifically for the 3DS, a la (all those multiplat wii and ds games). Nope. Just a slightly less graphical sibling to its big brother.

I believe Peace Walker and GOW are good examples of side quest games. Great games, yet this is where the complaints start brewing. Complaints such as "where's my 2nd analog?" Its a handheld man. Granted advancement in tech is expected, its not the console experience. I believe many gamers fall into that loop. Because graphics are really good, the gamers are indirectly under the impression that they're playing the console game. Which then leads to the comlpaints of controls. Other ex. are the L2 R2 buttons. buttons needed for "cosole" games. Not handhelds.

My view points are strictly neutral. I love my Nintendo "and" Sony as well. Got the systems/handhelds to boot. We definetly don't need anymore fanboys spewing "Blasphemy!!!". Ya got any solid criticism? Toss it my way. I'm all ears. But...keep it short. I only got 2 bubbles. *sniffles*

@STBl990: "How about not thinking of it as a lesser version but more of a portable which you can take along?"

Its a little bit of both man. Go play transfomers war for cybertron on the PS360. Great right? Now go play it on the ds. Assasins Creed? console vs ds? yeah. Star Wars force unleashed? great game. on psp? still great game, but not the "same" game(tweeks in story and such). The wii version of SWFU? nuff said.

@nycredude: "it's a portable not the Ps3, you don't expect Ds to have Wii graphics do you?"

So true man. If the rumors about the "top secret" psp2 are true(hehe), then that graphical power could very well be close to the ps3. Who know what'll be under the hood.

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smoothdude2838d ago

The only thing that saved the psp was homebrew. I have two psps that I use exclusively for emulators.

ThanatosDMC2838d ago

Pretty sure that's what made publishers stay away from the PSP.

saint_john_paul_ii2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

"The only thing that saved the psp was homebrew. I have two psps that I use exclusively for emulators."

No thats what killed it or put it on life support, cause Homebrew evidently led to piracy, which led to publishers to stay away from it for a long time.

This is what could happen to the PS3 with all that hacking going on the console.

HappyGaming2838d ago

Which is when Sony will announce PS4.
I can't wait for it imagine every game looking better than Uncharted 3 on PS4...

rrw2838d ago

actually there is hope that it will cost less than 200.

assuming that it use same technology of ps3 but smaller (4 instead of 8) processor and no blue ray player (which is reason why it's expensive) it possible to get around 200 mark

the_best_player2838d ago

Come R* make gta san andreas stories for PSP2

Jamegohanssj52838d ago

ROFLMFAO! I couldn't tell if that was sarcasm or not.


Azmacna2838d ago

another day, another round of Sony bashing. when will the haters ever learn?

FragGen2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

PSP has sold 60million+ units. As of 10/2010 it has outsold both the Xbox 360 and PS3. If that is what you "If you ain't first, you're last!" in-bred hater morons call failure I think Sony probably hopes the PSP2 will "fail" in just the same way.

The PSP is a spectacular success from a business perspective. The Sonys are the Ferraris of handhelds not the Volkswagens. They cost more, they don't sell as many, but which one do you WANT?

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ZombieAssassin2838d ago

I don't want Sony to be like NiN, i don't want last gen or earlier tech in my handhelds and home consoles just so they can sell it cheaper than the competition to try and get an edge. Sony has always been about top of the line technology and you pay more for that, yea it's not going to fly well at first with the younger kids and their parents at first with a higher price point but for the somewhat older (aka have money of their own to spend) they will see the pretty graphics and the franchises they love to play at home and figure "hey i'd like to be able to play those on the go". Then when the price goes down the younger kids will be able to talk mommy and daddy into buying them one if it has games that interest them.

Besides we all know the main attraction for NiN consoles and that's Mario, you put a mario game on a gaming device and it'll sell massively and that's how NiN has always dominated the handheld market.

DavePSU2838d ago

No credit given to Pokemon whatsoever?

ZombieAssassin2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

Ha my bad i completey forgot about Pokemon, so yes pokemon might have done more than Mario because i remember buying a GBC just to play Pokemon as did damn near everyone i went to school with...god we were lame.

EDIT: It's true Sony doesn't really have a Pokemon for it's handhelds but to me anyways Sony has always been more about variety with it's games than hoping the same franchise stays popular for decades.

I also feel the same way i'd rather play GoW or Uncharted on my Ps3 rather than a handheld but if you can have both would you really complain?

I don't think anyone will ever take away the top spot from NiN in the dedicated gaming handheld device (at least not anytime soon) but I give props to Sony for being able to stay in the game with them even if they are being outsold 2-1.

DavePSU2838d ago

People still buy Nintendo hand helds just to play the latest color of Pokemon -- the problem is...where is Sony's Pokemon?

As a Sony gamer, I'd much rather play God of War on my HDTV than on my PSP (though, obviously it's great on the PSP as well).

Cenobia2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )


Folklore 2 for PSP2?

The original was a little like Pokemon. Could be pretty cool if they improved on the original a bit. It's a game I would play, but wouldn't necessarily prefer a PS3 version.

Dark_Charizard2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

Are you smoking weed man? PS1 and PS2 were both less powerful than N64 and Xbox, GCN...

[email protected] your comment! Are you 10 years old?

@Below - Man... I don't think you realize ur on a gaming site and that we don't discuss tech apart from SCEA's. Go troll on techspy cuz dis isn't da place 4 u! Ur N64 arguement is absolute BS man. Stop posting lies and get a life... noob

ZombieAssassin2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

Umm yea i am smoking but thats not the point and you are only focusing on 2 Sony products, have you forgot about the TV's, CD players, Blu-ray players, Video camera's and all the other electronics they make.

Even if the N64 was more powerful it never showed it prolly due to NiN trying to hold on to cartridges.


Ok i realize you are just trolling me so i'll stop now and seriously have fun man, its prolly the most you'll ever get in your life.

theonlylolking2838d ago

The PS1 was more powerful than the N64 and yes the xbox was more powerful than the PS2 but they have been on top of technology. PS1 CD and PS2 DVD. Now when the PS2 came out DVD was not as new but it was still pretty top of the line at the time.

sleepy32838d ago


Ps1, Ps2, TV's have NOT been the most technical, they are actually behind in smart TV tech, they are behind in phone tech (sony phones suck compared to HTC), and rememeber how advanced the revisions of the walkman was compared to the ipod no matter how many times they tried? The vaio is overpriced for the les than state of the art hardware that is available from other pc manufacturers. Not to mention their desktops are far from the most advanced.

I don't know where you get your info kid, but Sony is NOT always the technological leader.

ChickeyCantor2838d ago

"Sony has always been about top of the line technology"

You mean to promote
DVD's and Blurays!?

I kid you sir, calm down.

SnakeMustDie2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

PSP should be different from the DS. If both are the same, what is the point of buying one over the other? With a PSP/PSP2, I can have my shooter/adventure game on the go. With a DS/3Ds, I can play casual games and RPGs on the go.

DavePSU2838d ago

You carry 2 hand held platforms with you and a cell phone? To me, that just seems like the opposite of the whole point of gaming on the go.

It's not a matter of both devices being the same, it's a matter of hitting key demographics and target audiences that Sony is missing out on by continually going the direction they have been going in. Sony is always going to be a business first and foremost and its goal is always going to be to own more market share than the other guy -- they'll never achieve that goal with this type of plan.

SnakeMustDie2838d ago

I place them in a bag and take them out when I want to game.

kneon2838d ago

But they are getting market that Nintendo is missing out on. It's not usually a good idea to go directly head to head with the biggest player in a market. Look at the Wii, it didn't succeed by going after the core gamer, it went after a different demographic. It got some of the core gamers but that's a minor part of their demographic.

ChickeyCantor2838d ago

" With a DS/3Ds, I can play casual games and RPGs on the go."

you make it sound like NDS has nothing more =(.

B-Real2062838d ago

If the rumors are true then I want something like remote play version 2. I have two PSPs as well and I love the little media machine. 299 for what their going to offer you over the long run is nothing. I'm pretty sure most phones these days cost alot more.....I do realize that this will not have phone capabilities but I was just using that as an example. Even if you get it subsidized it still cost alot over a period of time. Shit I payed a little over 500 for my touch pro 2 when it came out. It can do alot but not 500 dollars alot. I just didn't want to be locked into a contract. So the PSP2 might not be for everyone but I want it and they haven't even announced it yet. I'm just going by my feelings about the psp. Alot of good games on that system. Anyways end ramble

Bluemaster772838d ago

The PSP 2 Wont "Fail" Per se as seen with the First PSP but it wont achieve the world renown or commercial success as the 3DS provided the entirety its user base doesn't go blind

iceman062838d ago

Good point...and I think that Sony is fine with that. There is enough money in this area to be shared and as long as Sony is making some of it, that's all that matters. In a way, Sony is approaching the business in the handheld market similar to Xbox (minus the treasure trove of cash to throw). They just want to try and bite into the market share as much as they can and get those extra bucks. In the end, they want to appeal to their core as much as Nintendo does. Each company just has a different core mentality and strategy with which they attempt to do this.