Are people buying games consoles rather than PCs?

Leading analysts Gartner are suggesting that not only are tablets cannibalising PC sales, but that games consoles are also hitting the industry's pockets.

Tablets such as the iPad are being blamed for Christmas laptop and desktop sales that were below many experts expectations.

However, Gartner's principal analyst Mikako Kitagawa has suggested that other connected devices such as consoles are also leading to less people buying PCs.

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smoothdude2887d ago

I don't think that consoles will ever take the place of computers. Honestly after seeing a Panasonic TV which can play apps similar to iPhones/iPods, I see that consoles will have stiff competition from Android enabled TV in the future.

However, just like computers once took the space of a whole room, I see the personal computer changing too. Don't get me wrong, I believe that there will always be a market out there for a conventional PC, however, mainstream will start picking up tablets.

The one fact that we can all get from history is that technology is constantly changing, and if you don't keep up, you will be left behind.

RSPproductionz2887d ago

to play games yes but teh pc will never die unless they start coming in tv's or consoles but then they would still be pc's just not standalone

the_best_player2887d ago

everyone has a PC LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

crxss2887d ago

I haven't ever purchased a pc game... That being said I do find other means to obtain them. On the other hand I do purchase console games because they're worth buying.

BlackKnight2887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )


So why is a PC game worth pirating (Or whatever you mean by "other means") but console games are worth buying? Many console games are also on PC, and cheaper, and run at much higher settings (as long as you don't have an ancient PC or a crap one) and many support custom maps and features that console versions do not.

If you are pirating, shame on you dude.

Persistantthug2887d ago

Approx 50% of the computers are still using XP and many of those people using them feel no need to upgrade.

Plus, alot of people are simply using other devices for their needs that used to be reserved for PC use...Cell Phones for example.

PC Computers won't die, really, but they certainly are converging and morphing into other devices....consoles included.

BlackKnight2887d ago

Actually, according to the steam survey (which gives an idea of gamers and their PC's) Only 25% have XP. And even more interesting, that 25% of users, 64% of them either have a DX10 or DX11 video card installed....meaning they have the HARDWARE for intense gaming, but need to upgrade to Vista/Win7 to do anything in DX10/11.


With those figures, that mean 78.72% of PC gamers on steam have DX10/DX11 hardware. So with gamers, they are buying PCs, and good ones.

Persistantthug2887d ago

In fact, Steam is only a smaller subsection of all PC users in all.

Not all PC game players are using Steam.

theonlylolking2887d ago

No, because having a PC is a must in the 21st century. Most people might not get one for gaming but people buy PC a whole lot.

ChickeyCantor2887d ago

Pc's are more flexible in that they offer more.
Consoles will be around for ease of use.
No worries about the right hardware.

Exclusives do sting though.

neogeo2887d ago

The main reason is heat. New graphic cards are running hotter then ever! There are borderline dangerous if you get near one and burn yourself. So tablets and handhelds are fun, but into the day nano tech makes everything super small and fast we will be stuck with the big desktop boxes for hardcore gamers.

BlackKnight2887d ago

LOL. You can burn yourself with a 2007 360 GPU (80C underload or with a PS3 GPU (70~90C, 50C is idle

My high end ATi/AMD 5870 runs at ~85C. The old Fermi geforce 480 ran around ~95C but the new ones (580) runs at about ~85C.

Consoles run just as hot as PCs (Save for geforce 480's). Remember, the AIR of your PS3 or xbox feels hot across your hands, imagine the inside air temp, THEN imagine the heat of the heatsink that is trying to cool the GPU/CPU, THEN imagine the heat of the actual GPU/CPU that's generating the heat.

iamgoatman2887d ago

Even though it's within operational limits, even 85C on a 5870 sounds quite high, is that with any OCing or voltage adjustments, or are you using the default fan profile?

I say because my reference 5850 which is OC to 1Ghz/1250Mhz on 1.25v, rarely ever gets above 55-60C when gaming, and maybe a few degrees over 60C when benching. That's with a custom fan profile in which 55C results in a fan speed of 40%. I've heard the 5870's run hotter, but they basically use the same board, but I guess it depends on what you're doing with it.

Anyway, back on topic, indeed the argument that PC's run hotter is a bit silly considering the temps of both consoles GPU's. Plus consoles are made to be compact which limits airflow and the use of cooling, whilst PC cases tend to be large with a good number of fans helping the airflow. Plus who the hell keeps there hand anywhere near their components when in operation!?

BlackKnight2887d ago

@Jimmy Riddle

OC'ed and I don't let the fan go above 70% (So I don't hear it).

WhiteNoise2887d ago


My overclocked GTX480 which is clocked at 840/1680/[email protected] from the default of 701/1402/[email protected] runs at 80c max under 100% GPU load.

DFresh2887d ago

People buy consoles more then PC because it's cheaper and easier to use.
PC gaming isn't effected at all.
Steam sales last year were up 300%.

Xfanboy2887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )


even soe makes pc games! If DC does good on PC than mor sony for PC!!
but my interest is on gw2!!

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