New Starbreeze Title To Be Shown At GDC

NowGamer: A representative for EA has confirmed to NowGamer that the new title by Starbreeze will be shown behind closed doors at GDC - but is it the heavily rumoured Syndicate reboot?

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skyward3019d ago

***fingers crossed*** please be an open world, co-op Syndicate reboot.

Lord_Doggington3019d ago

Wow this is an old-ass franchise...honestly, I never played the original game. The first Bullfrog title I played on PC was the original Populous...never got around to Syndicate. Is it any good?

skyward3019d ago

Awesome. Imagine a kind of futuristic, isometric GTA except with a team of four upgradeable cyborgs, a bit more strategy, and focused missions.

Raf1k13019d ago

If it is then I don't want them changing the perspective into an FPS or TPS.

TimmyShire3019d ago

Syndicate has been rumoured for ages. I really hope it is this that is going to be announced.

Feckles3019d ago

New Syndicate? By the creators of the Darkness? Sign me up please.

jimmins3019d ago

With this and deus ex cyberpunk will be back in a big way this year. Shame there's no blade runner game to go with them

peeps3019d ago

A new syndicate game would be interesting. Was 1 of my first memories of gaming with amiga being my first 'console'