Speculation: PSP2 To Abandon UMD, Goes With SD Cards

TheSixthAxis looks at how the new PSP2 will be getting its games.

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Kran2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

wait wait wait. So it'll follow the same style as the DS? Was kinda hoping for a mini blu-ray disc. hehe (Note: I didn't say it will do the exact same thing as the DS. The DS uses cards too)

sinncross2835d ago

I must admit, i figured that would use Pro hg duo hx since they can hold so much space and are designed to transfer HD content quickly. Rumours had the PSp2 at being abel to hold HD content. but yeah, this may be better for battery life.

hay2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

MiniBDs would be nice but I didn't like the idea of discs in handheld. Nintendo managed it better with cards. Some flash or solid state technology would be awesome in PSP2.

ComboBreaker2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

this should help the battery life a lot.

ThanatosDMC2835d ago

This is stupid since Sony wouldnt use SD cards but their own M2 sticks. I want those high capacity sticks soon and hopefully they'll become cheap fast. Yup, the ones that have up to 2TB capacities.

kharma452835d ago

Sony are moving away from their own memory sticks now and using SD cards more in things like their DSLRs.

ThanatosDMC2834d ago

If that's true, i sure hope so since Mini SD cards are cheaper than M2 sticks.

Brodiesan2835d ago

Whatever the format, I think it's safe to say UMD is DEAD.

Kran2835d ago

I believe so too. RIP.

tdrules2835d ago

Physical media is dead, it's just being dragged along by those with poor internet and those who find sentimental value in physical entities created by the million.

KingPin2835d ago

Physical media is not dead, nor is it for people with poor internet connections.

i dont know about you, but iv had hard drives crash on me. iv lost tons of data, luckily i made backups on to dvds. so yeah, maybe its dead for you but the rest of the planet has the need/use for it.

also- i dont see myself ever downloading 50gigs for a game/movie. i dont have that kind of patience. it will take me 10 mins to get to the store, buy the game, and get back home.

siyrobbo2835d ago

Digital download is ok for smaller priced items, but I'll never pay full price for a game I couldn't sell on

tdrules2835d ago

there is no reason for games to be 50GB, absolutely none.
apart from the limited hardware, if good PC rigs can play games that look better than Uncharted from a DVD, its pointless to have BluRay.

SuperKing2835d ago

I was kinda hoping for something like USB sticks but whatever.

wotta2835d ago

This is just an opinion article, not fact as some of the comments above seem to suggest.

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The story is too old to be commented.