HMV dates Super Monkey Ball 3DS game March 11th, priced at £38

The latest hint at the release date for the Nintendo 3DS comes from highstreet and web retailer HMV.

The shop’s site has listed Super Monkey Ball 3D alongside a March 11th release date. Super Monkey Ball is not a 3DS launch title in Japan - it misses the February 26th date and comes out on March 3rd - but it could be in Europe.

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Kran3023d ago

Super.... Monkey.... Ball..... :/ Oh Kay...

Jdoki3022d ago

I dunno. I think a game like Super Monkey Ball might be a pretty good type of game to show off the 3D capabilities - as long as they are returning to the roots of the series. Although at £38 it seems rather expensive.

DS titles at 14.99 - 19.99 are pretty much impulse purchases for me. 24.99 for AAA is reasonable. So to jump to £38 for 3DS titles (and probably more for the AAA stuff) seems far too high - especially on top of the rumoured £250 - £300 purchase price for the handheld.

Kran3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

Its the name. Thats the thing with Nintendo titles. They come up with such stupid and silly names that make no sense.

Mind you, one market has to fail (Wii and DS) so the other three (PC, Xbox 360 and PS3) can succeed.

soren3022d ago

im kran that games made from sega.... not nintendo lol and jdoki most games run 30 to 35 dollers sometimes even 40 so yeah golden sun dark dawn was 35 and if im not mistaken dragon qust i forget what number was 40 so 49 dollers is a bit up but thats to be exspected with a new system :p