Opinion: PSP2 already impressing partners

It will be fantastic to see the 3DS and new PSP battling it out. They won’t just be competing with each other, of course. Let’s make no bones about this: the handheld gaming space totally includes iPhone, iPad and those countless Android devices.

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Shadow Flare2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

Why should iPhone/ android games be included in the same market as ds and psp? They're mobile phone games. It's a totally different market. You never get full blown games like gow: chains of Olympus on a phone or ff7: crisis core. Mobile phone game libraries are absolutely full of super short mini games. Handheld consoles have much bigger games. They're different markets. To compare them is ridiculous because games on phones cost like 99p whereas games on psp and ds can cost £20 - £30, and the reason for that is the difference in the quality of the games. Sorry, different markets mate. The type of games iPhone and android pump out still places them firmly in the mobile phone market of gaming.

RSPproductionz2927d ago

hopefully the psp2 hits the ground running.

fail0verflow2927d ago

iphone is a joke comparing to psp2 when it comes to games

/yes, im saying that before psp2 is out

RSPproductionz2927d ago

right....well it is an iphone so i would be worried if it had better games than a next gen psp.

Dark_Charizard2927d ago

The girl playing a psp in the image is FREAKING HAWT!

Pillville2927d ago


So, a platform doesn't count if it offers $1 games?
I guess we should remove PCs as a valid platform too.

There are full length, full quality, full price games on iphone/android/windowsphone.

Don't dismiss it because it also happens to be a phone and/or you hate Apple.

Shadow Flare2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

Im writing this comment with my iPhone, pillville. And I stand by my opinion because the vast majority of games available on phones are 99p mini games, which is what the mobile phone gaming Market has always been like, so that's why I still place them in that category. Whereas the vast majority of handheld games are much bigger in size and are far more fleshed out games. I don't see many Angry Birds type games on psp. Because psp and ds games in the majority are far larger in scale and are more like full games, not mini games. It's a different market.

arjman2927d ago

She's ok but she's not that hot...

RageAgainstTheMShine2927d ago


Is the best 'hard core' game the iOS can offer then I am so glad I skipped on the iPhone and got the PSP instead?

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SnakeMustDie2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

Impress me. Lets see how the PSP2 can compete with the 3DS.

k-dillinger2927d ago

it mite just get the best of 3ds i can see this happening

Shazz2927d ago

friends list is a must for psp2

SnakeMustDie2927d ago

Don't forget trophies. Also PSP/PS2 BC.

Stealth20k2927d ago

the iphone isnt a game device. Its Multimedia device that plays games. Shitty ones that dont even hold a candle to gba games

baker_boi2927d ago

As far as graphics the PSP2 has prolly already beaten out the 3DS.

As always Nintendo has gone for a gimmick selling approach(i.e. the Wii, and of course its rabid fans)so I don't think you'll be deciding the purchase on whether or not the PSP2 has better graphics.

Instead it'll be Price point, and are you a techy or a Nintendo fan? Or even yet, are you a gamer with $600 for two handhelds? And about $400 more dollars for some good games for both?

Let me be honest; Not frickin me.

I'll be goin with the PSP2 whenever it comes out. If it's more than 300 though, SONY can eat a dick.

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