Left 4 Dead 2 played with a Kinect

MrPsychoJJ has uploaded this video where he is seen playing Left 4 Dead 2 with a Kinect on his PC. He uses FAAST and his own AutoHotkey Script.

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imvix2838d ago

Lol if going from Mouse keyboard to control pad was not enough, this takes the cake. FPS on Kinect can only happen in a gimped way.

Agent-862837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

Gimped is an understatement. What I saw was not even playable to me. People really need to give it up. Kinect will not work with FPS, period. Not without some kind of supplemental controller. And, I have to ask the question why anyone would want a Kinect FPS? The KB/M and controller do them perfectly now. Why replace that with inaccurate, laggy controls?

And wasn't one of the selling points of Kinect was controllers were just too difficult for casual gamers to figure out? Now they're replacing buttons and keystrokes to memorize (which are pretty standardized across most shooters) with a whole list of gestures to memorize in order to do routine things like reload or switch weapons. How is that making it easier for a casual gamer?

Army_of_Darkness2837d ago

thats a lot of zombie bitch smacking!

shoddy2837d ago

Kinect make an awsome game into a peace of sh1t.

mmPete2837d ago

It's cool but....why?
It's so useless....

davekaos2837d ago

If this is the future of FPS games then please someone kill me now.

Well done to the guy and all but why would you play a fps that gimped?

Kran2838d ago

Thats an interesting concept. I was wondering how a character would move about with kinect. Putting a foot forward to move forward and a foot behind to move back. Interesting concept. I applaud this guy. He's figured out movement :D

shoddy2837d ago

to make it work well is the hard part and the most impotant part.

this is a downgrade controll for FPS.

Kran2837d ago

I agree. I own a kinect, and even I agree that so far, FPS wouldnt work well. But this is a start.

Again, Kinect isnt replacing the controller, its just an alternative.

"I'll stick to my controller" some say. Good for you. So will I. But i bet there are some who may find this concept more fun. Maybe.

Blaze9292837d ago

Not bad. Potential is definitely there

Agent-862837d ago

Not bad? Are you serious? What I saw was horrible and looked like a complete chore to control a FPS. No way Kinect will ever replace KB/M or a controller for FPS games.

Blaze9292837d ago

Who said anything about replacing? No one is forcing this option on you. Another alternative is still another alternative. Stop crying. Damn.

Spitfire_Riggz2837d ago

Just like the Move will never replace the trusty Dualshock, but it is a fun OPTION.

Kon2837d ago

It is an option, stop complaining.

Agent-862837d ago

@Blaze929, Spitfire_Riggz and Kon. In order for it to be an alternative or option, it needs to be viable. This is just not viable. Did you really watch the video? It's almost as bad as that horrible Deca Sports Paintball game. Who would want to play an FPS like this? You? Then, by all means, have at it.

shoddy2837d ago

shouldn't even bother trying to make Kinect hadcore.

look irratating.

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Miiikeyyy2837d ago

why would anyone wanna play like this? u can barely do shit on it when playing with kinect

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