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SnakeMustDie2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

It also overheats faster than the PSP. If this is true, i cannot imagine how hot the PSP2 will be when running a game. Not to mention the battery life.

Ryudo2837d ago

Run Infinity blade on your Iphone 4 if you have one, the game has better graphics then any Wii game and I can run the game for 6 hours on 1 charge.

Tachyon_Nova2837d ago

BS you can. With screen brightness at a reasonable level, good luck getting more than 3 hours.

Ryudo2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

Actually I can maybe your battery is just destroyed or you had alot running in the background, but getting under 6 hours battery out of my phone is extremely hard off a fully charge.

Am guessing when you play you leave stuff like 3g enabled and possibly other apps running. You also have to remember the Iphone 4 is less then 1 centimeter thick.

And tiny compared to a PSP Go even so there would be alot more room for a bigger battery in the PSP2.

jerethdagryphon2837d ago

newer screen and bascklight tech will improve that charge time led over phospherecent bulbs

killcycle2837d ago

But remember how small the screen is. try playing it on a tv like you do the wii and see how greatly the graphics get reduced.

Just saying, try it out.

Rush2837d ago


Actually the Iphone 4 has a much bigger resolution then the Wii, thus it would look better on a bigger screen then the Wii.

beardpapa2837d ago

Infinity Blade and Rage HD says hello. Not to mention the upcoming Deadspace game. They all say hello to Wii.

RSPproductionz2837d ago

did anyone else look at the pic and think there was something on your screen beside the second P in PSP?

nycredude2837d ago

If there launch lineup has anything Uncharted in it then I will have no choice but to buy this.

UnwanteDreamz2837d ago


Man why did you say that? I wasn't even interested in PSP2 until you said that. (just the thought peaks my interest)

ProjectVulcan2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

More nonsense headlines. Battery and power consumption limitations dictate this is not really possible with present technology. All this talk of the 3DS managing little more than 3 hours 3D game time and decent screen brightness levels mean that even if PSP2 is manufactured on the 28nm process it wouldnt be enough to allow it to be as fast as PS3.

I predict that PSP2 will be somewhere between Wii and 360, but closer to wii. The amount of energy that PSP2 could possibly consume dictates only this as PS3 AND 360s chipset's are still 50 watt+ devices instead of the milliwatt scale PSP2 will have to be to have reasonable thermals and battery longevity.

PSP2 would be able to get reasonably close to PS3 quality visuals with just that performance though, simply because of the reduced resolution and the advantage of greater memory for developers. Developers prize memory, it makes their jobs a fair bit easier.

Cell based processors are highly unlikely, i doubt immensely it would be based around that technology regardless of Sony's hardware history. I would imagine realistically it uses custom ARM cores-not least of all because Tegra 2 does too. Nvidia built Tegra 2 around dual core ARM A9, with that ready to go license it would be crazy to order nvidia to integrate unfamiliar technology around their GPU core.

Ju2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

I'd be very surprised if Sony goes with an off the shelf Tegra2 chip. They never did in the past, and I am sure they won't start now. There will be plenty of Tegra2 devices out soon. With Android (2.2 and above). A PSP2 would have no chance as "just another Tegra2 based gaming device". Sony did chip customization in the past (see all the vector extensions on their previous MIPS line of cpus for PS1, PS2 and PSP) or the CELL (spu addition to the Power core). I am sure, Sony puts another custom design (with a strong HW partner) into the PSP2. And, power consumption for what an CELL/RSX performance level architecture can do today has been greatly improved. Obviously, scaling down an "old" <2005 design to current e.g. Tegra2 levels is impossible. But none of those new portable devices does that, they go new routes.

This is Sony after all. They have to use their strength and that is HW. Designing and manufactoring, otherwise they could just buy that from somebody else.

ProjectVulcan2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

Nothing surprising about using a Tegra 2 based design. Sony have contracts in place with nvidia, insider figures state it is in fact tegra 2 based. I think that you are dreaming and inventing hardware based only on years old designs for PSP2 when we already know nvidia are probably involved at some level, and the likelyhood of that being Tegra based chipset, some sort of customised chipset.

You call it 'off the shelf' but in reality just because a custom chip can be based on Tegra architecture doesnt mean it'll share identical performance to other tegra based devices. Sony will have given out design briefs. Word inside the industry is Nvidia screwed it up thermals and power wise. Hence the delays, to sort it out, possibly waiting until the 28nm node is widespread this summer. There is no real chance of sony using technology based on PS3's CPU in PSP2.

None of these companies actually design their own chipsets off their own back, they always use primary contractors and collaborate with the IP and designs available to them. In this case it looks like nvidia, in this case its probably tegra, and in tegra's case its ARM. We'll find out soon enough.

FamilyGuy2836d ago

PSP2 gonna have a cell processor in it? Thats the only reason i could think of why a site would make this "as powerful as" claim.

If that's true the most important question coming to my mind is the cost.

Sony is good with hardware so battery life and overheating aren't forefront thoughts but price?

How much would something like this cost? ESPECIALLY with Sonys name on it O.O

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shoddy2837d ago

all chips are getting smaller and more efficients so is battery. Look at the ipod nana battery.

don't know for sure


Sony will never make a shoddy hardware with %33.4 failure rate.

they keep it under %2 so I don't worry about psp2 overheat.

SnakeMustDie2837d ago

I hope so. It won't be as powerful as the PS3 but the PSP2 at best will be just as powerful as the 360.

Ryudo2837d ago

"Sony will never make a shoddy hardware with %33.4 failure rate."

Nice little troll there, Tell that to my 4 bricked PS2.

shoddy2837d ago

all I say is shoddy hardware and %33.4 rate.

If you're a %33.4 shoddy hardware please stand up.

madara0sama2837d ago

Lol 4 bricked ps2? Yea right. In my many years of owning 1 ps2 it has never failed me and I used to play it for nonstop for hours.

Ryudo2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

There's 3 of them sorry my other one is in my loft


How do you figure that because one of my consoles have a green sticker on them idiot...

zeksta2837d ago

I'd say you should blame yourself considering you look like a console modder/hacker.

jib2837d ago

2 of my 3 PS2s broke. i know a couple of my friends whos had the same laser breakdowns as well. they weren't modded either

i'm not saying the failure rate was the same as the 360. i wouldn't know. it does seem pretty high from how many stories i've heard about

gamer20102837d ago

@ SnakeMustDie

It is illogical to say you don't think it will be as powerful as the PS3 but that you think it will be as powerful as the 360. It's illogical because the PS3 and 360 are basically equally powerful. Developers have said it over and over, the designer of both CPUs said it, and the games show it.

JohnnyAkiba2837d ago

I am on the 4rd PS3. MY failure rate is 75%. lol

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zeddy2837d ago

as powerful as the ps3? then whats the point of the ps3? no i doubt it but it should be a lot beter than the 3ds to start off.

DeadlyFire2837d ago

My Prediction for the specs.

Option 1
4 core Cell CPU + PowerVR 5 Muticore variant


Option 2
GPGPU PowerVR5 Multicore variant.

Either way power will be able to stand at a reasonable level to PS3 and X360 graphics. Should almost match it. Just depends on how many cores the variant has and its performance which has yet to be officially tested and displayed for the public to see. Either way I have no doubts graphics will be on par to PS3 and X360 games. Hardly any change if rumored performance of 4 core PowerVR5 chip are true.

Ju2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

First, I think that statement is meant in the context of a handheld. Like "as power full as it can get for a handheld". I doubt it renders something like 1080p in 60Hz, but it should get the same fidelity on a smaller screen (e.g. UC2/3 level on a say 960x540 or 854x480 screen). This combined with a higher pixel density makes "PS3 like visuals on a handheld".

I am curious about the GPU. I would have guessed NVidia again. But they are pushing the Tegra2 pretty hard. I cannot imagine, though, Sony uses a plain Tegra2. They usually heavily customize their HW to push it to the limits and use their advantage in manufacturing to minimize the HW. If they can work out a deal with NVidia (again) to customize a Tegra2 based chip, than this can be possible. Not sure after the "RSX fiasko" if that's the way they want to go.

PowerVR could be an alternative. I still think, no matter what GPU/CPU they are using, it'll have an additional 4SPUs. This is IP Sony owns, is extremely small and energy efficient and will allow porting PS3 games with relative ease. That, however, would also imply some sort of NVidia GPU (CUDA enabled). CPU remains to be seen. I would be surprised if its an PowerPC ISA based cpu. Unless they completely redesigned that (core from scratch with PowerPC ISA nobody would do such a thing, though), it won't fly in a hand held device (and IBM screwed them over, see 360).

I speculate an ARM based PU, 4 SPUs and an NVidia GPU (basically a custom Tegra2 with some SPUs attached).

That brings me to the point, that this is a typical way Sony solves problems. If they'd go with a custom CPU (like others use ARM licenses) they'd create their own powerful CPU, like Samsungs Humingbird. And Sony-Ericsson could use this in later phone models. But I am sure the right hand doesn't know what the left hand does in that company...LOL. Phones/Tablets won't need SPUs, but the rest could be used.

visualb2837d ago

PSP2 AS POWERFUL AS PS3 : unlikely


consider the screen is smaller - it might look as good as PS3, just on a smaller screen

still, interesting, why isn't this under rumor though, no official confirmation of its existence yet <_<

N4g_null2837d ago

Wow your knowledge of hardware and what is capable of what is pretty sad. Man I'm just wondering do you guys just buy Sony every thing?

The way you guys eat up hype is pretty bad. Hey but I guess you'll see for your self. It will surely be close to the new ds and the iPhones screen. Yet too much more would cause over heating. Just wondering how old some of you? There isn't a lot of research going on here except for ju and a few others.

Did better graphics really help the psp or the pspgo? The games on the ds beat the psp and monster hunter was what keeping the psp in the game.

Not sure why I'm posting I don't think you can even have a grown up conversation here.

KiraxYamato2837d ago

Man I'm just wondering do you guys just buy Sony every thing?
-Your assumption is faulty.

Yet too much more would cause over heating.
-I'm sorry are you Edgar Cayce?

Just wondering how old some of you?
-You care because. . . ?

Did better graphics really help the psp or the pspgo?
-Yes it absolutely did. That's why Sony took a chunk of the pie from Nintendo who was reign king of portable.

monster hunter was what keeping the psp in the game.
-God of Wars, Peace Walker, Crisis Core, Patapon, Shin Megami Tensei, etc. I would be ignorant to think only one game kept the psp in the game.

N4g_null2837d ago

If it's going to be so powerful I want to see a crysis2 port to it. Just lower the res. I doubt that could happen though.

Sounds like more marketing to me. Lol I hope they get this right though since I'm tired of Sony fans being sour about any thing that does netter than Sony.

King-Leonidas2837d ago

i hope mgs3d comes to psp2

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VegaShinra2837d ago

Kaz: "PSP2 will cost $399 US Dollars."

Kamikaze1352837d ago

It most definitely will cost UNDER $400 USD!! Lol

TheColbertinator2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

"PSP2 will have 5D graphics."

"PSP2 is not a gaming device.We never said that."

"You will get a third job to get a PSP2"


DOMination2837d ago

Anyway, here we have a giant enemy crab. BTW, the generation doesn't start until we say so.

Ryudo2837d ago

Lolz I haven't seen that video in ages xD.

pedrami912837d ago

I can the picture PSP2 being a beast in power but i fear there will be many games not fully utilizing it's hardware and we'll simply get ports and remakes with very few original IP's

Kamikaze1352837d ago

Just like the Wii is supposed to be as strong as two Xbox systems.

Kalipekona2837d ago

Yeah and the graphics on 99% of the games still look worse than original Xbox games. Either the Wii isn't that powerful or developers aren't even trying.

arjman2837d ago

Where did you read that?
I heard it was just a souped up gamecube

wicko2837d ago

Its supposed to be 2 gamecubes, not 2 xboxs.

Zuriel2837d ago

If it really is as powerful as a PS3 I hope the studios who have been working on PS3 games have the staff to do projects for it because any studio stuck with PSP or similar graphics/engines would be looking at 3,4,5 year development times and that would just be ridiculous.

So yeah, I can see ALOT of ports and remakes, initially.

SuperM2837d ago

Im sure there is some middleware engine they could use to spead up that process. Im guessing UE3 is already running on the PSP2.

But the positive thing if it really is as powerfull as they say is that all the games made for PS3 and Xbox360 can essentially be made for the PSP2 aswell, so it might end up getting alot of support

Ju2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

If it has for example SPUs and a CUDA enabled GPU, you can pretty much port PS3 engines to that thing with little to no effort. Most of that code would simply compile there (that'll include SPU optimized and shader code). The rest usually is C/C++ code which should easily be ported. Only tricky stuff is some low level DMA code to feed the e.g. SPU pipeline - this will most likely not be the same. That code is close to the metal and usually timing critical, but also very small. That is, if they use SPUs at all. But a latest generation (mobile) CUDA GPU actually has a more sophisticated shader language than the RSX... most likely this will lead to push more code towards the GPU, eventually.

shoddy2837d ago

wich mean it can hook up an 3D HDLED TV and play 3d games online through wifi connection.

WOW imagine your ps3 in yoiur pocket everywhere you go.

day one $500 include tax. Cain't wait.

wingman32x2837d ago

Yes. That was the problem with the PSP, and I hope devs learned something.

A good number of PSP games were just PS2 games on UMD. I hope they put more effort into making portable exclusive games this time around.

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Godmars2902837d ago

So odes that mean the battery time is less than the 3DS?

SuperM2837d ago

probably, but sony is definately gonna put in a bigger battery then what Nintendo did. Id like to have eternal battery on my devices but im not to worried about it. I dont mind playing while connected to the wall, im just happy i can bring my gaming device with me when we go on vacation. 3 hours is usually enough for any gaming session you'd have on a portable. You just have to remember to plug it in afterwards