Feature: Sony in the Hotz seat

VG247 presents a report breaking down the the implications of the PS3 hack, what’s come already, what’s happening now, and who the real losers are in this complete fiasco.

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Balt 2888d ago

George Hotz unlocks the full potential of Sony's console and they don't like it. Why? Because they couldn't find a sensible way to charge you for it.

Well, that or they simply couldn't do what he can.

awesomeperson2888d ago


Now I ask this fully seriously.

I hope that its this reason why you comment- is it because you are probably bored, and find it fun to troll the community, most likely searching for attention from people like me?


Do you actually believe in what you comment. If you do- I really feel sorry for the way your mind is working.

LordMarius2888d ago

Just look at his About page

"I'm not a gamer and I don't "game" a lot of games. Games made today area waste of time, energy and money. They are pointless. I'd much rather go back to the arcade or the glory days of the nes than have all these boring "high" concept games being shot out of some piss poor developers ass who couldn't make it in film. Make no mistake, I'm here strictly for material. And there is plenty of idiots here to get it from. Just stupid ass, delusional people who call themselves "gamers". I don't care about Sony, Nintendo or Microsoft. I don't care about sales. I don't care about graphics and frame-rate, either. I actually wish the industry would crash just to see what some of you thimble dicks would do. What would you do without gaming for an outlet? It's all you people live for. Anyways, I'm piecing together the screenplay for a documentary about games so get use to me for a bit longer. "

awesomeperson2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

Yeah, never looked at his page before.

According to the PM he sent me he is quote

"I'm a screenwriter, with credits to my name.
I'm a pro-level musician in a band here in Kansas City.
I was a personal trainer in my early to mid 20's.
I currently also work for Amnesty International. "

In response to his question on "What would you do without gaming for an outlet?" well, I already play sport, I hang out with both family and friends, I go to school and do my homework and I like to enjoy life and have breaks, some of these accompanied by games.

Not all gamers are no-lifers who don't have things to do.

Oh and next week when the flood waters clears up around here I'll be helping friends who have had to evacuate their houses which are now underwater.

I love Australia.

RememberThe3572888d ago

Th sad trolls are the ones not having fun with it. The other guys are annoying, this guy is kind of sad. Why would you spend time reading news about something you don't even like? I don't get it.

nycredude2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

cause he is the biggest loser here. The kind that doesn't like something but can't stand it that others do so he spends all his time trying to spoil it for others.

Calling people no lifers who do nothing but play games? I say mind your own fucking business and stop judging others. Look at yourself in the mirror and worry about what you see there.

George Hotz unlock the potential? Potential of what hackers to cheat on the game we love? Steal your personal information. Stealing games? oh yeah I forgot the game changing all important, everything everyone ever wanted, HOMEBREW! yeah now I can play 20 year old crappy looking games on my Ps3! /S


Is it me or Geohotz look like a pansy?

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Raf1k12888d ago

Wasn't it the other group that actually broke through the PS3s defences? Hotz didn't do much compared to them.

egidem2888d ago

He's the one who actually retired in July 2010. Once fail0verflow did all the heavy lifting, he ran back to the console hacking and then used their work to claim his own victory.

lsujester2888d ago

Yeah, he really didn't do that much in terms of this exploit. He had already given up trying to hack the system during the summer. But once the other guys broke through, he used their work to break in and post the keys.

Nothing but an attention whore.

Raf1k12888d ago

He just wants the attention which is why he released that completely pointless hello world program just so he could get the glory of being the first to release something for the PS3.

egidem2888d ago

This has been said before. If you Balt, invested over $2 billion into the PS3 and someone just exposed everything inside the PS3 and they are releasing everything to the public, would you try to contain the situation while it worsens or would you go at the root of the problem aka sue these arrogant hackers for basically destroying your reputation?

MrBeatdown2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

"George Hotz unlocks the full potential of Sony's console and they don't like it. Why? Because they couldn't find a sensible way to charge you for it."

Because we all know Sony likes to charge for extra stuff like online play, bigger hard drives, controller charging cables... Oh wait.

Wh15ky2888d ago

@ Balt:

How have you still got 2 bubbles after all the crap you were posting yesterday and now this?

NeloAnjelo2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

Yeah... Because Sony charges you for Everything...

Like Playing online... Oh wait.
Like Net Flix... Oh wait.
Like having to buy a wireless adapter
And buying an external HD.DVD Player for your Movies
Like a Proprietary HD.

Or you can just upgrade your console all together. Excellent Value! (sarcasm)

What does Sony charge you for except the cost of the game and the console? Tell me please?

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MintBerryCrunch2888d ago

too many legal problems imo...especially with emulators being able to run IPs such as Mario..Zelda...and so on...idk much about publishing rights for old games as the ones that the emulators can play...but im sure if Sony made it official...royalties would have to be paid, but thats just my guess

Balt 2888d ago

Emulators are the least of Sony's worries. If you're gonna hack your ps3 to play nes games then you've got some holes in your childhood you need to fill. Hacking the ps3 is more than playing nes emulators, man. Way more. I'd never hack my ps3 to play some nes games. Pointless.

pimpmaster2888d ago

again?! dammit this needs its own geohot section at this point.

awesomeperson2888d ago


The tabs:

All PS3 XB360 Wii PC PSP DS U3 LBP2 Killzone 3... Geohot

I know which section I would unpin...


A Geo day' with tours of the old conference hall where it all began,free games,autograph session and guest appearances by Aaron G,Steve J and professor X.
I kid though :/

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