Under the Radar Games of 2010

MMGN: It happens every year. Developers slave away producing a masterpiece, and then it goes largely unnoticed while Naughty Bear gets all of the attention. Sometimes it’s a result of poor publicity, while other times gamers, for whatever reason, just don’t take to the idea.

Now that the year has been and gone, let’s take a look at 10 games that slipped under the radar in 2010.

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Balt 2837d ago

Vanquish was brilliant! Arcade gaming brought into the living room. It put fun, score and style above story and deathmatch. I've only played 5 games this gen worth buying.

Uncharted 2
Bionic Commando
The Fight Lights out

Those games are above and beyond being just "games". They are/were experiences.