El33tonline Review: Donkey Kong: Country Returns

El33tonline writes:

"In recent years Donkey Kong has been in some great titles (Jungle Beat being one of my all time favourites) but mostly he’s starred in experimental kinds of games like King of Swing and Donkey Konga, or in spin-off games like Mario vs DK. None of these have been big mass-appeal games and it felt like Nintendo were just using the series to try out various things to see what stuck. But after the success of New Super Mario Bros Wii it has been clear that there is still a huge market for the 2D platformer on consoles, so Nintendo has followed up the 2D Mario revival with a revival of 2D Donkey Kong Country in Donkey Kong: Country Returns. It’s a top-notch platform game with lots of variety in mechanics and level design, lots of content and high difficulty – it should satisfy any long-time platform gamer and still be entertaining (and very challenging, in a good way) for new players."

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eagle212930d ago

this game is CLASSIC status.. :)