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MIG: I have to confess I soon found the hours flying by, with plenty to achieve and lots of distractions to keep me hooked. Sony have been brave to bring this to the PS3, bringing the DC Universe into the MMO world with an almighty bang, if the game is half as good as good as the beta then I’m in serious trouble. I only scratched the surface of this MMO before the beta finally ended, but already this looks to do the DC Universe justice, pleasing many comic book lovers. This is one MMO that could make me part with my hard earned cash and the one to bring the MMO market a reality to console gamers the world over.

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Jdoki3538d ago

I played the beta. Really enjoyed it; but not enough to pay £9.99 per month.

For a console, I feel the DLC model works better than the subscription - the Guild Wars business model works really well for me (and obviously works for the devs too!).

I'd happily pay for a couple of decent expansion packs per year, and a few micro-transactions for non-critical in-game items than a subscription model.

Ryudo3538d ago (Edited 3538d ago )

The cost of running all the massively bandwidth heavy servers would be way to much to be supplemented by DLC alone.

Alot of people don't realize but even Guild Wars had to find away around this.

In Guild Wars only the town area was part of the MMO, once you left and entered a field it became multilayer.

I can't think of one true MMO that doesn't have a subscription fee or Item Mail service.

Baka-akaB3538d ago (Edited 3538d ago )

guild wars was awesome , but never a mmo .

Its dev never referred to it as such and even created another acronym for it .

GW2 will be the true test . It will show us if they can deliver a real open mmo world without subs

xTruthx3538d ago

There was a kid yesterday calling people sony fanboys because they where playing an MMO on PS3 and didn't get it for PC lol, i was laughing so much :P

Chicago85063538d ago

Played the hooked!
Every update I found myself wondering if the cap went up from 20....I really didn't play much of anything but DCUO had me that good.
Now that I have it...the feeling remains.
U still have a few hiccups here n there, but they're not major...maintenance will b done to correct those issues.
The game really is fun ppl...and it has addictiveness.
I say, go pick it up n have some fun!
O'yea, I got the PS3 version, just so u all know which 1 I'm basing my opinion on.

Game on!

clintos593538d ago

U a villain or a good guy? Im a hero & im level 18 & I still havent slept lol. I been just enjoying pvp & owning villains. I just go to an and wait on top of a building & one of them will try an catch me & then I lure him to a an area where its just me & him & just destroy him.

This game is so awesome. Hope sum of u who are iffy about the game jump in, trust me, this game will get u hooked.

Chicago85063538d ago

I'm a hero (Hotboy)'s not a wonder y I called him (Fire Ability).

It appears that there's an update..1.02, 132mb...downloading it right now and can't wait to get back in.

Game on!

xTruthx3538d ago (Edited 3538d ago )

clintos, chicago what server did u join ? I'm at no mans island

nefertis3538d ago

@Chicago8506 yeah I feel the same way its very addictive I try quiting but I cant stop.

JoeReno3538d ago

I don't really have any experience with mmos, but it seems to me that you just hit the nail on the head. There really isn't any save points or anything like that where you can just say "time to call it quits" and turn the game off. Its a constant world. If the servers hadn't gone down at 4am Pac time I'd still be playing until it was time for me to get to work. Hahaha