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Tetris' first appearance on the PlayStation 3 is also one of its best.

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emil12836d ago

i wanted to buy this but on HR store it cost 72 kunas but i only have 60 kunas in wallet. i hope for price cut soon.

OhReginald2836d ago

kunas is panda excrements. some people use it for currency in third world counties.

guitarded772836d ago

@ OhReginald
Thanks, now I know.

@ electricshadow
Grow up, everyone knows wikipedia is full of lies.

electricshadow2836d ago

Are you seriously calling me a liar? LOL, ok there buddy. Here's some more links for ya:



Herp a derp. Google is your friend now?

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Lirky2836d ago

The game is fun but the music=repeatative the same tetris theme over and over i wished they included tetrisA,tetrisB, and tetrisC music.

Simco8762836d ago

Cant agree more with this! Maybe in a update patch! or Free DLC!

GodsHand2836d ago

WOW, and I thought it was only me that noticed this.

I was looking forward to the remixes, but all it had was one track.

Great game, but not worth the $9.99 price tag. Shame on you EA.

SnakeShady2836d ago

BTW, the game is not in 5.1 surround sound. But the description say otherwise.

NoNeedForAName2836d ago

I want to buy this so bad but every time I buy something it comes out for free or discounted from PS+ in like 2 or 3 months.

RankFTW2836d ago

I bought this and the new Pac-Man last night and they are both awesome but Pac-Man is better.

JohnApocalypse2836d ago

I don't see the point of buying this when they're are allot of Tetris flash games for free

SnakeShady2836d ago

Try it, and you will understand.

ShadowJetX2836d ago

I'm pretty sure you can't play team battle online with those tetris flash games. Plus I'm sure some of them don't support the T-Spin move either.

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