Windows Phone Microsoft's Portable Game Console: Microsoft's Wake Up Call?

Microsoft has said that Windows Phone platform is their official mobile gaming platform. Are they dreaming, or in need of a wake up call? Full opinion and analysis by Nathan Evans.

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ajlopo2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

I have to say I love the Win phone. Having a great time keeping up with my xbox live, playing some great games and the phone works brilliantly. The article states that the phone only has 5000 apps, however Android and iphone did not start out with hundreds of thousands of apps, it has to start somewhere. Actually the device just hit over 6000 apps and has been growing at almost 1000 apps/week. I believe that is pretty good. All I can say is it, for me definately works better than the iphone I had, and my wife's android. Also everyone that I have shown the phone to wants one.

dazreah2833d ago

I have one too and its an amazing mobile os love the live games can't wait to see more.

ManGastaS2833d ago

Im waiting for my Samsung Omnia 7, next week... I cant wait more :(

mcstorm2833d ago

I have to agree with you all got the hd7 after moving across to android from wimo and I was really liking the android os it was in a way a updated version of winmo and I thought wp7 was going to be too locked down like the iPhone but when my contract was due I only had 2 phones in mind desire HD or hd7 as I missed having a big screen like I had on my hd2 and I decide to give wp7 a go and got the hd7 and glad I did. Being able to access my work emails, sharepoint and one note for work was amazing. Then being able to access Xbox live my home server and decided to get Zune pass which is worth the £8 a month for unlimited emails. But 2 lads at my work went for the desire HD and have had quite a few problems with them. Slowing dieb and having to reboot them to having to rest the phone after the 2.2.1 update as GPs blutooth kept drioping amung syncing email problems.
I think MS have it right with wp7 in they keep control of the os like Apple do and set rules for devices and this was wino problem as anyone could use the software on any spec and do what they wanted to the os and this caused the problems wimo fell into and I think over the next few years android will come across the same problems as it is built in the same way. I don't know if wp7 can get no1 spot but could push MS to get in the top 3 in the world esp if Nokia take up wp7. I think there is alot more to come from the os2 esp with skydrive and live mesh MS are deof turning things around after a bad 10 years.

gamingdroid2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

I just got an HTC HD7 as well and love the phone, the interface and the games so far are nice.

The only things that bother me are:

a) WP7 lacks features and sometimes minor consistency i.e. it is still first generation. Looking for the update.

b) WP7 still lacks apps, despite the 6000 on the marketplace so far. This is improving everyday.

c) This is a hardware related issue, but I wonder how long that button on top of the device used to disable the screen lock will last?

Otherwise, the metro design (tiles) and the social networking/email integration is top notch!. I love it!

Spinal2833d ago

I like the look of the WP7 UI. would prefer that over my ios UI on my iPhone 4.

An a WP7 was going to be my next phone but alas it was not meant to be. Ever since i saw the PS Phone a smartphone with a slideout Playstation pad. Its total Win even if it dont play PS games. Running emulators on it is Total win. Emulators + Buttons = Perfection.

joeorc2833d ago

I think some may say im a lil bia when it comes to Mobile well i do work on mobile platforms but it's not like im not going to support as many as i can. I think the big thing is pretty Much Smartphones of all flavors are going to do quite well in the Mobile Game space.

any where from quick to play to full RPG's can be done since Bluetooth controller's work on many Smartphones it would not really matter if your Phone was just touch enabled there will be a way to get your controller.

hell Games could be packaged with a bluetooth controller with 4 or 5 free games to work on many flavors of Smartphones. And with Some Smartdevices having HDMI out

you could have a mini game console to hook upto the tv combined with for exampe lil controller's like this

or like this one

Wikkid6662833d ago

Love my LG Quantum. Love the OS and the games are great.

I want complete Live gaming though. Buy the game and you get it on the 360 and the WP7. I want the ability to play a multiplayer game against 360 users.

At that time MS will be completely heading in the right mobile gaming direction.

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