Gamers Now Have Wireless Induction Charging Pad All For Themselves

The new Electrohub wireless charging pad is a Godsend for gamers. The company manufacturing it has reworked the design to fit up to 6 devices and comes with induction batteries for Wii, PS3 & 360 controllers!

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Dart892888d ago

Sweet gonna have to get one hate charging my remotes with a usb cable.


Same here, my ps3 usb cable is so freakin short.

itsralf2887d ago

Why does it matter that it's short? At least you can still charge and play at the same time. Good luck trying to play a game while it's charging on one of these.

Ravenor2887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )


Why does it matter its so short? I dont know about you, but I don't like sitting 2 feet away from a television screen. My mouse and keyboard is further away then the stock controller charge cord that comes with the PS3.

The solution of having 2 controllers kinda makes this redundant product redundant, plug the dead controller in while you use the fresh one. Why dont they integrate this kinda stuff into coffee tables or something?

itsralf2887d ago


I think you missed my point. If you don't like sitting 2 feet from your tv, charge it before you play. But at least with the USB cable you can still continue playing even after the battery dies, unlike with the charging mat which requires the controller to lay flat and not be in use.

I personally just charge my controller when I go to sleep. Dualshock 3 battery life is pretty impressive and usually lasts me a few days anyway.

HappyGaming2887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )

You will have to plug in the wireless charging pad to the main electricity supply with a wire.
Why not plug in the usb charger with a wire to the mains electrical supply with one of this USB to mains charger adapter?

This wireless electricity things are 100% useless until they are strong enough to power things for far away...

Its like saying here is a wireless internet router but you have to keep it right under your laptop if you want to get any signal and you have to plug in this special non built in dongle to your laptop to receive the signal...

Might as well use a wire.

You are plugging in the dongle onto your gamepad.
Instead of plugging in the charging cable.

Than you are placing it on the "wireless" pad which
is connected with a wire to the mains just like a charger.

Don't you people see that this is exacly the same as using a charger? Seriously?
Its not even easier its exacly the same as a wire your gamepad and charging unit need to be in contact anyway.

Druarc2887d ago

It really depends on how much you can charge on it, if you can leave all your remote's, phones etc on it plus 4 controllers then sweet, but otherwise I'd agree with just using a plugged in usb hub.

Zydake2887d ago

Hmm i wonder how this is going to work on the Dualshock because the battery is inside the controller unlike phones wii controls and 360 controls. And doesn't the Warranty void if we take out the Dualshock battery?


I want the cord to be longer because 1.) I don't like sitting up close to my t.v. (i have a 50inch) 2.) If the cord was longer (and not so ridiculously short) I wouldn't have to get up to navigate the xmb or select scenes or extras on a bluray movie. Is it your duty to defend everything ps3? Its obvious that the cord is too short, it doesn't make any sense. Since you are defending it, can you give me a benefit of the cord being as short as it is??

The same goes for you, but thanks for the info. I didn't know that you can use other sources to charge the ps3 controller.

itsralf2887d ago


The cord is short, I've admitted that many times. But you're still missing the point. If you don't want to sit two feet from the tv, buy a longer USB cord or get the Sony AC charger for much less than this. You can plug the AC charger into any electrical outlet (the one by your sofa, perhaps?) and charge your controller that way... and still get to play while your controller is charging.

But with the mat, you can't use the controller while it is charging. That's my point. Your complaining about the short USB cord when this product won't solve your tragedy.

blahblah2886d ago


lol, have you ever tried playing on 3m screen while 1m away?

it was few times now when i was in multiplayer and my controller went off so i ran and plugged it in (my own fault i know). it is so damn hypnotizing it is hard to explain. and you can't hit anything;)

so i got my self extra controllers, but it would be damn nice if i could charge them some other way. my ps3 has 2 usb ports while i have 2 dualschocks, 2 moves and subcontroller

itsralf2886d ago

jesus christ. nobody seems to be getting the point except for the phantom agrees. some of you must not understand how this thing works. it doesn't just magically charge your controller by sending electricity through the airwaves. your controller has to be in contact with the mat to charge it. charging your controller is still limited to the distance of the cord for the mat.

my real point being, when your controller dies during multiplayer you can still plug it in with the usb and finish the match. but with the mat, if your controller dies that's it. you have to lay it down on the charging mat and not use it.

out of bubbs. hopefully i've cleared it up by now.


I understand what you are saying, personally I didn't know that you could use anything other then the Ps3 to charge your controller.

My main concern was navigating the xmb or using the dvd/bluray player and not having to damn near walk to my ps3 to switch through a scene.

I am just frustrated with the short cord that came with the ps3, why would they do that?

Again...I understand what you are saying though.

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ghost10822887d ago

Sounds like a win to me. Looks pretty sweet.

madpuppy2887d ago

I bought an intec induction charger for the dualshock 3 and it is pretty nice. Not as nice is this one though.

itsralf2887d ago

I think I'll save $50 and stick with my USB cable.

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