As Of Now, The PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter Is Underutilized

Siliconera: At CES, I played Killzone 3 with Sony’s PlayStation Move gun attachment. After you plug in a PlayStation Move and a Navigation controller, the Sharp Shooter remaps buttons so you can fire bullets by pressing the trigger.

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Dante1122834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

"What’s interesting about Killzone 3's Sharp Shooter controls is the game doesn’t use all of the features on the gun. There’s a pump action (think shotgun) trigger, which a rep said developers could use for secondary fire. The Sharp Shooter also has three fire settings: single shot, burst, and automatic. Killzone 3 doesn’t utilize this feature, so the switch isn’t mechanical and a player using the Sharp Shooter won’t have an advantage online."

I think the Sharp Shooter is more prepped for MAG and Socom 4 than KZ3 (especially the single, burst, auto settings and shotgun secondary trigger) but it'll still be ok to use for KZ3 single player campaign. If my money is right, I'll use it for KZ3.

Balt 2834d ago

KZ3 will score 7's and 8's. The meta total will be around 86%.

fooltheman2834d ago

this has nothing to do with this...baldie

jneul2833d ago

keep on dreaming it won't happen, in the meanwhile please go back and play on your kinect, thank you

Cyrax_872833d ago

Hey look, Pachter has an account here.

theunleashed642833d ago

wow! i did not know there was psychic's on n4g /s

thereapersson2833d ago

Here's my prediction:

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Bathyj2833d ago

Hey, this guys right.


Bodster2833d ago

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ComboBreaker2833d ago

Balt: "KZ3 will score 7's and 8's. The meta total will be around 86%. However, just like Killzone 2, Killzone 3 will win many many GoTY and FPS GoTy awards from the same sites that gave it 7's and 8's, proving once again, that the sites just wants hits."

Balt: "Also, I am gay."

Ron_Danger2833d ago

How's that "screen play" goin Balt?? When you're done with it I hope you get a good grade on it at whatever community collage you're at... Start getting used to the phrase "I'm sorry, but your film will not be under considderation for any awards at this time."

Your trolling is starting to put Omega to shame...

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xino2834d ago

Killzone 3's gameplay still feels generic!

i tried it in preview code, wasn't blown away.
But impressed by how it look just in preview code man.
Imagine in finalised version! O_O

-Ninja Gaiden 3-is sick!:)

yewles12834d ago

NG3 will be a total fail. No Itagaki @ the helm, no Itagaki quality. Should've been a reboot intead.

DelbertGrady2833d ago

So, it's graphics over gameplay, like in Killzone 2? I just hope they do something about the controls this time.

buffig2833d ago

I think I must be the only one who loved the controls of KZ2. The weight of them meant the game felt much more grounded in reality.

strickers2833d ago

buffig,you are not alone but the sharper feel of KZ3 does not hurt it.You still have weight but it feels more responsive.
I had no problem with 2 but it does feel a little better in 3.The problem most of these "bad control"moaners have is the lack of auto aim,that they are used to.

Raf1k12833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

How can you claim it still feels generic when it's been changed from KZ2? If you want to compare the two then it would feel more generic now since they've made it more like CoD whereas it was nowhere near generic in KZ2 which is why people complained about it.

Ju2833d ago

How is KZ more generic than CoD, BF, MoH and all the other shooters???

strickers2833d ago

Your mum feels generic.What does generic gameplay mean to you?
Is it the superb AI,the unusual weight(most un generic)to characters or the fact it's shooting people with a gun in front of the screen.
Generic is the 2nd placed most misused word by gamers,behind innovation.

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nevin12833d ago

wait a minute, you have to purchase the nav controller aswell?

Ron_Danger2833d ago

this isn't new news... when the pictures of the gun surfaced a while back you should've seen this

tsn2833d ago

So he said all that without mention how the move feels using it to aim, pathetic article gaming is dying.

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