DC Universe Online adds more PvP servers to meet demand

XMNR: Player vs Player (PvP) combat has apparently turned into a fairly compelling aspect of DC Universe Online. So compelling in fact that Sony Online Entertainment has had to throw up two new servers to meet the demand just a day after the game launched on the Playstation 3 and PC.

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MajestieBeast2928d ago

Great move from SOE. I remember playing aion and they didnt add servers for 3 weeks which made the line to get in on the server last 2 hours.

CharlesDCI2928d ago

Hmm. More popular than expected it seems.

SpitFireAce852928d ago

Glad to see the demand is there!!!need to pick
this game up.

Trebius2928d ago

I'm level 10 at the moment ... pretty addicted ... 5am and i just stopped playing ... but am considering picking it up again ....


JohnnyMann4202928d ago

Yeah, yesterday I was in a queue for login. All servers had a high population and the first 5 servers are full and you can't create chars on them.

I was in a line of 130 which took around 4 mins to get in. Annoying wait but to be honest I was more happy that the game is doing well.

clintos592928d ago

Im level 18 now but damn there are a couple guys at 21. Also pvp is the way to go, yeah its challenging because of online villains constantly stalk u & want to kill u lol. Im having a blast.

user8586212928d ago

yup so much fun, does get annoying when higher lvl guys kill ya, but look at bright side when ur lvl 21 u can pick on the little guys muhahahaha!! *evil face*

JohnnyMann4202928d ago

Hehe I AM a villian and Heroes were Stalking me and ganking me nonstop. I will take it out on their newbs when I am done having fun with the main story.

Either way I love the PVP. It's great!

RememberThe3572928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

Holly crap the game is out already?! Man I would be so on this if I wasn't so much against monthly fees for games I have already bought.

rdgneoz32928d ago

4 months of playing it (5 with the first free month) is the same as 1 new game. So for people that get several games over the course of the year, its not that much of a price difference. Though for people on a limited budget getting games used / pirated, or only a few during the year, it is a bit.

RememberThe3572928d ago

Indeed that is my situation. I don't pirate, but I do have to rent to be able to play all the games that come out every year.

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