Fourth Seasonal Events update for Gran Turismo 5

The Seasonal Events have just been updated in Gran Turismo 5 with new Bonus Races, Time Trials and cars in the Online Collector's Dealership. Take a look at the full listing after the jump.

The theme this time seems to be the Japan GT Championship (JGTC), with the top bonus race and the JGTC cars in the Online Collector's Dealership as well. Unfortunately there are again no restrictions on the bonus races which makes it all way too easy.

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mike90772836d ago

Awesome I love how much exp they give for some of these races. The exp you get is like the equivalent of playing a 2 hour endurance race. Its too bad you only get the exp once tho :(

DaftMav2836d ago

I agree, it's a nice boost in exp and money. I did enjoy the difficult first set of bonus races with those restrictions a bit more though, made sure you had to tune the car well and really drive on the edge. I'm sure it was too difficult for some people and it could have been made a bit easier, but now it's just extremely easy.

aaron58292836d ago

yea. agreed.

how difficult is the 4th one by the way ?

the 3rd was extremely easy.. put on racing tyres.. and you already got an overkill car.

stevenhiggster2836d ago

I agree, they could have just relaxed the restrictions a little rather than having no restrictions at all. They are far too easy now.

Dee_912835d ago

i already have takata nsx

Dart892836d ago

Damn i need to get copy back from my cuz havent played in awhile.

Jls12836d ago

I just did the nascar one on nring today easy exp

GLoRyKnoT2836d ago

Regardless of xp or difficulty these are fun! Wonder if PD will ever give us any B-spec events? (might be kinda weird)

Brixxer6002836d ago

I was wondering the same , these bonus events in bspec would be good , especially with tyre restrictions. I think removing the tuning restrictions was a good move , PD have to try and cater for everybody and not just the best players. You can still get a challenge if you limit your own tuning , going with stock tyres is one way of ensuring it's not too easy.

Masterchef20072836d ago

its good to see that the devs are still heavily supporting this game

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