Goatmoose: kinect sports review

The last of my promised gaggle of Kinect launch title reviews is Rare’s take on the multi-sport sim with their lovely game Kinect Sports. It utilizes the Kinect sensor to put players into six different sports for an excellent party game that offers endless fun and good responses. It does for the Kinect what Wii Sports did for the Wii, and is what we’ve all wished Wii Sports could have been – a full body, wire-free sports funfest.

As everyone who knows anything about me is aware, I don’t care much for real-life sports at all. I watch none, I play none. And I certainly know nothing about any of the sports involved in Kinect Sports. I point that out to note my review of this game is not swayed by some lifelong love of sports. The game delivers a good enough experience to keep me playing because it is a well-made game, and a must-have for anyone hoping to use their Kinect for multiplayer purposes. And I used the word “sports” way too many times in this paragraph. Read on.

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